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Thanks everyone, some good suggestions there.

The downlights are already LEDs. I’ll look at hoods to fit over them, thanks for the idea.

Underfloor insulation will be a massive PITA. The boards are tongue and groove and the only way to lift them is to start at one end and take them all up, including some of the skirting boards. May do that in the future, but for now it’s not worth the effort for me at the moment.

Better curtains is definitely a good shout, I’ll look into that for next winter.

I’ll carry on hunting draughts – in the kitchen I’ve found the equivalent to a single hole of at least 5″x5″! Don’t want to fully seal the house though and run the risk of damp problems. There are trickle vents in the windows though so at least if I seal up all the unintentional draughts I can still use those vents under my control.

I’m surprised at the suggestion to add another 300mm wool in the loft. Most places show diminishing returns after only 150mm. I would have thought 300mm would be sufficient but 300 + 300mm to be overkill.