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What should you look for when choosing some?

Whether they’re tasty – they probably won’t have any other benefits.

And can you make your own rather than pay a fortune ?

Yes, certainly. We had some fun a few years ago making a variety of different yoghurts ourselves (yeah, we’re wild, I know!)

We bought some starter cultures for filmjölk, vilii, piimä, buttermilk, and Caspian Sea yoghurt; these are easy to get online. If you do get different types, keep them very separate while they’re growing, or they may cross-contaminate. Once you have a batch going, you can just use a small amount of it to get the next batch growing, without needing more starter, and you can freeze some for a while too before using it to make more batches later.

I enjoyed doing it for a while, but we got bored of it in the end.