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“…or standing on a book”; I just couldn’t resist a small giggle at that. Being a 6′ tall woman, I certainly don’t have any advice on getting taller (as a kid I HATED being so tall: I felt awkward, out-of-place, and since I was typically about a head taller than everyone else I got tired of looking at the tops of everyone’s head and needing to bend down or slouch to hear a conversation. Not a fun way to go through adolescence. Things began to change when I went to art school where everyone was different and it didn’t matter. As I got older and wiser (???) I accepted the fact that I was considered tall for a woman. I also accepted that I’d always get comments like “You’re really tall” (how does one respond to this incredible grasp of the obvious without sounding obnoxious???? And, do people think this is news to me?). Luckily, I took classical ballet throughout childhood/adolescence, so I have good posture which does not hide my height.
This brings me to my advice to you: stand tall. Own who you are. When you stand and sit up straight and hold your head high you not only look taller, but it also kind of tricks people into believing you are taller because your body language conveys self-confidence. Additionally, good posture will keep you as naturally tall as you can be over time. So, stand up straight and wear those smokin’ high heels if that’s your style (something I don’t generally do since I moved out of NYC: my confidence isn’t so good it can withstand weird comments and children pointing every where I go and they’re not very practical to work my garden or hike in ? , but I do occasionally break ’em out). I know what it’s like to want to change something about your body, but taking drastic or unsafe/unproven measures will only undermine your true worth: you’ll be reinforcing that nasty voice that’s busy trying to make you believe you’re not good enough just the way you are. Shut that voice up and celebrate your beauty.