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Neil W
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I had DVT and was offered both (or heparin injections) and asked if there was any particular reason I should choose warfarin, and other than “rivaroxaban is newer” there wasn’t. The thing about there being no antidote in the event of serious bleeding (which was a risk) is no longer true, there now is one.

I cannot see any disadvantage at all now, nor any reason for anyone to take warfarin in preference. (I asked why anyone would choose the injections, and they basically said only anyone who reacts badly to either or is pregnant, so ruled that out quickly enough!) Rivaroxaban is more expensive to the NHS, but probably overall saves money because the supervision is not necessary.

I had no problems with it whatsoever, and I do seem to be someone who (possibly psychologically, possibly physically, possibly a bit of both) seems to get every drug side effect known to man pretty much.