Did you know that what you are seeing in the IKEA catalog isnt real? What you are seeing 75% of the time in the IKEA Catalog is in fact 3d renders.

The 3d renders look incredibly realistic but at the same time too realistic. I always wondered how IKEA managed to get their images so perfect and now it has been revealed they don’t! Using 3d software such as Maya to create highly accurate and detailed 3d models along with extremely detailed textures and lighting effects they have fooled us all!

IKEA apparently started doing this back in 2010 when they first published an image of a room created fully from CG! Once you know that the photographs above aren’t actually real you start to see that some of the perspective is wrong and something are a bit of amiss.

If you do not believe me then you should read this article over on Cg society.

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  1. Jyn

    Oh wow… and as my husband is in advertising, I STILL had to click the link to believe it lol!
    I wonder if their design studios at the actual IKEA and holographic displays too, hmmm. Maya sure has gotten more technical!

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