Rose water smells lovely and can really do your skin a lot of good as it is packed full of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that can be really beneficial for your skin helping  to balance oily skin and rejuvenate your skin. Plus the water can be used as a anti-inflammatory helping to ease and sooth your skin. It is thought rose water can stop the signs of aging… well making your own rose water is easy and quick.. all you need are some rose petals, a pan to put them in and some water (no artificial chemicals needed!).

It is best to get roses that aren’t sprayed with chemicals (the more organic and naturally grown the better, so if you can then it might be a good idea to grow your own roses) You dont have to settle with the standard red roses there are tons of colors to try but it doesn’t really matter that much what color you use.

All you have to do is fill up you pan with water, put your rose petals in the pan… then place the pan on the hob leaving it to simmer with the lid on. Your rose water will be ready when the rose petal loose all of their color.

Im feeling that I should write and tell you guys more but to be honest that’s it! Rose water is so simple to make.

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  1. jennifer

    I love rose water, both for skincare and baking. I have a beautiful, quite old (three-to-four generations) rose bush that has never seen a pesticide, fungicide, etc. It’s a little bit into its second (and last) bloom of the year and the deep red/burgundy roses smell wonderful. Guess what I’ll be doing today? Hint: I harvested a good amount of roses early this morning. Off I go to try this out.

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