Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's black . . . it's white

It's black it's white,
It's a pillow for my living room!

The above was funnier if you think about Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' song! Only a little funnier . . . maybe not funny at all. :(

Since I tackled those black and white elephant curtains for Hudson's nursery, I have been on a major black and white kick. I don't know what it is but something about black and white warmed up with a little light beige is seriously floating my boat these days. I was at Ikea looking for some toy organization options (trying to avoid just piling them into baskets) and this railroad pillow was calling to me! It's Ikea's Stockholm pillow and for $19.99 you get the pillow cover and a feather insert! :) I paired it with a little light beige pillow on our wingback chair!
Next black and white purchase was . . . this baby blanket from Spearmint Baby. The Eco Cross blanket was a bit of a splurge item for us but it was well worth it! I always put a blanket on the living room floor for Hudson so I thought something that looked nice was important, something that holds up to the occasional spit up or bottle spill was equally important! It's made from 80% recycled cotton and it has held up to many . . . many washings well.
I hope you are enjoying our little black and white touches as much as I am!
From these pictures you can probably tell we have switched the living room up . . . yet again! I am writing the post for that up this week, should be up by Wednesday. Long story short . . . we needed more room for Hudson's track and field training (aka. learning to walk)

I'll be back tomorrow with my two favorite books from March!


  1. I'm loving this black and white too! I think my favorite is the blanket. I love the bold black crosses it has.

  2. My daughter has those exact same pillows on her Ikea couch! I love the pop that they add to her room. Your pillow and throw look awesome!

  3. I totally sang the title of this blog post to the tune of Michael Jackson's song! I love me some black and white too! It's how my master bedroom is decorated!

  4. I luv all the b/w, where did you get that chair? I absolutely adore it!

  5. Cutest baby blanket ever, I like the pillows to.

  6. Love how you put that look together.

  7. I used to have the same pillows in our old apartment! I LOVE the blanket, makes me want one for myself. I am a black and white kinda girl especially when it comes to my clothes, however I've definitely been on a color kick lately in our living room with bright orange and aqua. We just redid our bedroom and although I managed to ditch the horrible black curtains we haven't strayed to far and are still in the gray and white scheme, haven't decided on an accent color yet.

    Can't wait to see what new house you end up in and how you will decorate it! I'm sure it will be absolutely perfect!
    XOXO Elie

  8. Yes, I remember those pillows in Elie's apartment. I love touches of black and white, just as classic as blue and white. And, black really helps anchor a neutral room.



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