Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hudson's Nursery Update

There is so much cuteness available for babies! It is all I can do to keep my wallet shut while shopping. I am working on our new must haves list for babies (if you haven't seen my last list it's here). But I wanted to share a couple updates on Hudson's nursery. First off it is still my favorite room in the house, the two toned paint scheme really floats my boat and with a couple of added touches it's finally done . . . just in time to move. ;).

We didn't change much, well we really change anything, we just added some special touches. First we added different pillows to the chair. It's a long story involving pee, and some pretty amazing poop, long story short the chair was cleaned and we had to get new pillows. They are both from Ikea. I love the black and white one, and the teal one has such a nice velvet texture to it.
We couldn't fit a lamp or a floor lamp in Hudson's room so I was thinking of maybe adding a sconce? But while I was at Ikea buying pillow covers I saw this eye chart sign that lights up! Perfect!! It's kind of graphic and sits flat against the wall.
Next was my absolute favorite purchase for Hudson ever . . . this Danish Mobile. It cost almost as much as his crib but I loved it!!! I can see it hanging inside a tent when he's older, or just in the corner of his room! Heck, I love it so much if he doesn't want it when he's older I might just hang it above my bed! ;)
With Hudson up and trying to walk with the grace of a three legged, sleepy baby deer I figured something soft in his room might be a good idea. I ordered this floor pouf from etsy (here's the link to the store). The shop owner let you pick the fabric and the piping and I should also mention that it is very good construction. The pouf cost just over $50 with stuffing and everything.
We needed a small table beside the chair. We were just placing the bottles on the ground and that led to the great bottle leak of 2013 on the carpet so I found this ceramic OWL side table. I loved the little table and if you can't put a huge ceramic owl with a flat head in a babies room . . . where else are you going to put one?
The owl is from Urban Barn.
The corner of his room is looking about the same, a few more books and toys but generally the same as it did 8 months ago.
Lastly, I had to share the best $7 I have every spent. Sneaking in and out of a babies room has never been easier! I ordered mine off of Etsy, the store is called Latchy Catchy.  It catches the door latch so you just open and close the door. Lee noticed it and asked how much it cost. I thought he was going to say it was silly, I answered $7 and he said it's worth $100!! ;) haha
I hope you like Hudson's room as much as we do. I was a little sad that we had just finished his nursery and now we are moving, but it has given me some ideas on things I definitely want to do again in his new nursery, and some ideas of things I wouldn't do again. More on that in another post! :)


  1. Everything looks so nice! It will be hard to leave the house (and room) you brought your first baby home to. We did it a couple years ago and I sobbed ;) Good luck with that! Question: where are the white birds from that are mounted to the wall above the new eye chart? Love them...such a whimsical little detail!

  2. Where did you get the "You Are Loved" sign? I need that for our son's nursery, the colors match perfectly too!

  3. Beautiful, love all of it, can't wait to see Hudson new room.

  4. You have a real talent for putting a room together. Hudson's room is adorable.

  5. A beautiful room and I'm sure the nursery in your next home will be just as lovely. Love the owl. I have it in teal in my guest bedroom. I think those owls go in every room. ;)

  6. So glad you are back! :)

  7. It's all very sweet. You'll have so much fun fixing up the new house. The new owner of your current place must be thrilled to bits with all the wonderful touches.

  8. The room looks so cosy and cute you've done a fantastic job :) I love the owl stool

  9. oh my all looks fabulous! Love the Curtains!
    Could yo share where you got the Moose toy..on cupboard??

  10. It is a beautiful room! When are you guys moving? Is it far from where you are now?

    1. Thanks Tia, we are moving at the end of May!! and we aren't moving too far . . . about 45 minutes away from where we are now!! :)
      Lots of Love



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