Thursday, March 20, 2014

4 Steps to an Organic Bed

I am not sure I have ever valued sleep more in my life than I do right now. . . a 9 month old baby can make that happen. I have spent more than 1 early morning laying in bed, staring at the video monitor praying for those wiggly arms and legs to calm down and fall back asleep. And I'm not going to lie . . . I have bartered with god at some very un-godly hour for just 10 more minutes of sleep. There was also one very desperate morning when I offered Lee $100 to get the baby . . . I think he could sense my desperation because he didn't even point out that we are a single income family so, me giving him $100 was essentially, him giving himself $100. ;)

We decided that investing in our sleep at this point in our life would be a very good idea. I searched for organic bedding, mattress pads and pillows. Creating a completely organic bed has been on my wish list for a few years now, and while we haven't taken the plunge with an organic latex mattress, we did take the plunge on an organic latex mattress pad and organic latex pillows
I started with an organic latex mattress topper, after sleeping on it for 4+ months I can honestly say it was so worth the investment. We were planning on eventually investing in an organic latex mattress, but the mattress pad is working out so well for us we've put any plans for a new mattress on hold.

Here's our Organic 100% natural Latex Mattress Topper details:
-It's from We were really happy with their customer service, they helped us pick out the right firmness for us and shipping was fast.
-No Fillers or synthetic latex, only natural latex.
-It is OKEO standard certified to be free of any harmful chemicals and is certified to only contain latex from organically grown rubber trees.
Lee mentioned that he felt cooler at night, so I looked it up and because these toppers have holes in the latex foam it actually keeps you cooler. That was enough for Lee to hear and ordered up the pillows as well, because nothing is as satisfying as the cool side of the pillow. They are made from the same Natural Latex as the mattress topper, except in a rounder shape (if that makes sense), and they are kind of like sleeping on a cloud! Honestly if you don't need a new mattress topper or it's not in your budget right now, a couple of these pillows will rock your world. They also have different pillows for side sleepers and for back sleepers. I am a side sleeper, and Lee is a back snorer . . . errr I mean sleeper, so we each got our own pillow fit perfectly for us.
So after the mattress topper and pillows were ordered we had the healthy foundation set, on to the fluff . . . organic fluff that is. We chose organic sheets from Target . . . seriously organic sheets for around $50 I am in!
We used the same organic cotton, woven blanket also from Target. And because I need something a little warmer (we live in Canada), we picked up the organic pin tucked duvet cover from West Elm.
And that's all there is. It was a bit of an investment but seriously, sleep is at a premium these days so it was money well spent. We are very happy with our sleeping situation. One thing we weren't expecting but some of Lee's back pain went away. He has always had a bit of back pain (nothing serious) but it's mostly gone now. :) I have recently had some back pain start up but I blame that on our 26 lb 9 month old not our bed. ;)

In conclusion, my 4 Steps to an organic bed are:
  1. An Organic Latex Mattress or and Organic Latex Mattress Topper 
  2. Organic Latex Pillows
  3. Organic Sheets
  4. Organic Duvet Cover
*I received a few questions on the second photo, yes that is a zippered mattress pad cover. They are made from 100% Bamboo and are completely washable. I would definitely recommend the covers from Sleep on Latex as well. Then you can just wash away the dust bunnies or dead skin (gross I know but somebody had to say it).


  1. Thanks so much for the information. I will order the organic foam for my little girl. Your bed feel so fresh and calming! I'm so happy to read you again and picking your nice and healthy ideas for the home! :)

  2. good info, thanks for sharing

  3. Best investment we ever made was our custom organic mattress (but yes, they are quite expensive). I haven't tried the pillows however. And, I love Target's line of organic sheets. They beat the expensive ones hands down!!

  4. We are in the process of looking for twin items for our son's transition to a big boy room. Any suggestions for cute sheet sets that are organic? We like Aden and anais but they only offer crib items. Thanks!

  5. Ashli, which thickness of the latex mattress topper did you order? This looks like a great solution for my bed.

  6. I put that exact bead spread on my wedding registry from Target! We didn't get it in our wedding gifts, but we still plan to purchase it with our wedding discount! =)

  7. Seriously? No pictures of the baby--or Max?! :)



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