Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Must Haves

I am so excited to share my Baby Must Haves with you today!!! Before I share them, I will say that I think all babies are different and what our little Hudson LOVES might not be loved by all babies ;). But I will also add that there are other little babes we know (I'm talking about you Emma) that also love some of these Must Haves.

It seems like almost all of our Must Haves fall under the same few companies, Mamas and Papas, Aden and Anias, Skip Hop and Seventh Generation. 

First, Bed and Bath Products.
Although they hardly need my endorsement after Royal Baby George was seen in their swaddle blanket, I LOVE Aden and Anais products. Hudson's bed sheets, blankets, change pad cover and burp cloths and bibs are all made by Aden and Anais! I can't get enough.
1) Muslin baby Swaddle blankets in the Up, Up and Away pattern. They were perfect for summer, but now they make Cozy Muslin blankets for Winter.  We have 6 of them and they are well used!
2) Cozy Sleep Sacks also made by Aden and Anais. We have two in each size as well as a thinner summer one, I love the Liam the Brave pattern.
3) Baby Bee Diaper Ointment. This stuff WORKS. Hudson has insanely sensitive skin and this cream gets rid of any signs of diaper rash. We went for 3 months without any diaper rash, then he got a touch sick and he got a little bum rash, we were using California Baby diaper cream but it didn't make the rash any better, then 2 days of Baby Bee and it was gone!! 100% natural!!
4) Aden and Anais Burp Cloths. These things are amazing!! They are HUGE so they cover your whole shoulder (very important), they are super absorbent (also very important), and as a bonus they have a little snap and they turn into a bib!! We have 4!!
5) Aden and Anais Bamboo Security Blankets. I noticed Hudson was always grabbing his blankets or his outfit, I mentioned it to my friend Sara, and she said she noticed that as well and bought her baby girl these little security blankets and that she loved them. I pick up a pack for Hudson (they come in a pack of 2) and he LOVES them!
6) Silkberry Sleepers. They are so soft, and so stretchy! They are expensive but worth it, we have 3 of them and Hudson has basically lived in them!
7) Seventh Generation baby shampoo and lotion. Like I mentioned before Hudson has very sensitive skin, and the shampoo and wash doesn't irritate his skin. The lotion has helped us keep his eczema away, any sign of dryness the lotion goes on and so far we've been able to keep any flare ups at bay!

Next, Meals and Wheels baby must haves.
1)  Mamas and Papas Loop high chair. This was a recent purchase for us, but I already regret not getting it sooner. He loves to sit in it and watch me make dinner! It tilts back and it spins, but the main reason we bought it is because the height is easily adjustable so I can feed him standing in the kitchen or sitting at the dining table.
2) My Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. It turns into a back pack if it gets too heavy . . . enough said! ;)
3) Glass Dr. Brown's Bottles, we didn't want to use plastic bottles and I had heard that Dr.Browns help with colic (Hudson wasn't colic but why risk it) haha. I noticed that he had way fewer toots and burps when using these bottles. They are a PAIN to clean though.
4) We are getting close to solid food time, I am planning on making Hudson's baby food so I needed little jars to store it in. I found and LOVE these little glass Wean Tubs. Again, we didn't want to use plastic so we were willing to spend a little more for the glass tubs.
5) Again my friend Sara found this product, this Skip Hop stroller caddy has saved more than one shopping trip. It's a perfect cup holder and it also has a detachable wallet in the front, and space for all the little bits and bobs that come with leaving the house with a baby. It will fit a bunch of different strollers as well, it fits my Urbo and my friends Britax.
6) Speaking of our stroller. We have a Mamas and Papas Urbo, and we LOVE IT!!!! Couldn't live with out it. It is definitely made for Urban life . . . so no off roading with this guy. It is so light, and so maneuverable, I can hold a door open with one hand and wheel the stroller in easily with the other. The frame is metal so it's super sturdy. The handle telescopes in and out so it fits me at 5'9" or Lee at 6'8". And best of all it fits into the back of my tiny car (Toyota Yaris). We Purchased the Bassinet in addition to the seat it came with, we weren't sure if we should or shouldn't get the bassinet but it was worth every penny!!! We still use that bassinet even though his little legs are starting to hang out the bottom!! I loved that the seat can either face us (for when he's little still) or face out for when he's older (the seat is rated up to 55 lbs).
7) This bottle drying rack is not only cute!! It's also really functional. It fits all 8 of his bottles and all the bits and pieces that come with Dr.Brown's bottles. I would definitely recommend this!!!

Next, TOYS!!!
1) Skip Hop Mobile. What's not to love Owls, birds! I thought I could get away with a simple pastel mobile but one look at his friends brightly colored mobile and suddenly we had to get him one too . . . I know I know, get use to it right!!
2) Skip Hop Activity Gym, I love it, he loves it. It is by far the least ugly play mat I could find.
3) Skip Hop wood blocks. I love wood toys! Give me the option and I will choose wood over plastic any day! And what little boy doesn't love building blocks??
4) A wood rattle. He has two versions of these wood rattles, both made by Hape. We have a love affair with Hape toys right now. So so cute!
5) Lastly, Hudson's Favorite toy!!! This crocheted Snake made by Pebble. He can't nap without it. I do find it funny that the snakes head rattles but not his tail . . . but I guess they weren't going for realism (because a blue and teal snake is soooo realistic).

The down and Dirty must haves.
 1) Seventh Generation Diapers. They are great for Hudson's skin, we haven't noticed any diaper rash (except for the week he was sick), and they are Chlorine free!!
2) Seventh Generation Wipes. For the same natural reasons as using the diapers, plus they are thicker than other wipes I've tried. I like the thickest possible barrier between my hand and the contents of diapers (Definitely enough said).
3) Natursutten Pacifiers. Pacifiers made from natural rubber, with no creases or crevices.

And last but not least . . . . .
A SLEEP SHEEP! Hudson LOVES his sleep sheep!

That's my list!! But I am dying to know what's on your baby must have list???


  1. Ditto on a bunch of things - aiden and anais bibs and blankets, sheep, dr b bottles, seventh generation and baby bee. Dr bs are a pain to clean, though the pipe cleaner thing works. Love skip hop products too - if only that mat had been out two years ago! Really liked having the oxo wipe holder. And the bouncy seat and healthy care booster seat were other good accessory pieces. Older Hudson might like the b zany zoo activity cube.

  2. There were three items I couldn't live without for my kidlets. I buy these three items for my friends as they have kids and they often comment on how helpful they were.

    1. grobag: (
    Just like your sleep sack. My kids slept in grobags until they were out of their cribs. No waking cause they are cold, etc. LOVE those. The extra bonus? We skipped the stage of standing in the crib when you can't lay yourself back down.

    2. Bearview Mirror: ( It's awesome because it is bigger than any other car mirror and it's bevelled. You just attach it anyway you can (comes with laces and safety pins) so that the baby can see it and you can easily see your baby in a second glance in your rear view mirror. LOVED this.

    3. Fresh Food Feeders ( These were a life saver once we got to the age of eating food. I had one of these in my purse at all times. Anytime we ended up a restaurant with baby, we could order a fruit dish and easily give them something to suck on while we ate our meal. Awesome.

    Love your collection. :)

  3. So glad you're back! Yours is one of my favourite blogs by far! :)

    Mine have to be the OXO Candela tooli nightlight -

    and my diaper rash superstar is Bum Bum Balm; & their Sniffles is a great natural eucalyptus rub for winter colds.

  4. I am amazed by all the new products out now. Been awhile since mine were little. We are a huge fan of Seventh Generation products. Was happy to see they developed a baby line. And, we have the bottle drying rack (actually our girls both do too)...great for water bottles, lids and straws!!!

  5. Of the chlorine free diapers and wipes, my favorites are the Whole Foods 365 house brand. I really prefer them to the Seventh Generation diapers. The wipes are amazing- thick, large, and gentle. My next favorite wipes are the Earth's Best.

    Best formula, hands down, is the Baby's Only line. The smell is much better than an other that I've tried.

    As you get into solids, I highly recommend a food steamer. Not one for baby foods, just a regular food steamer. I think mine is a Hamilton Beech; nothing fancy. Use it now for mashes and purees and then in a few months when you just want to soften food, like fish, veggies, starches, etc.

    I love your blog and have missed you! I'm so glad you took some time off, though.

    I'm a mom of two, but only started staying at home when I had my second. I'm 9 months in and still feel like such a rookie homemaker, much less the mommy stuff! I learn so much from your homemaking posts and am looking forward to tips on scheduling, routines, etc.

  6. Love this list! Beautiful and practical items :)
    For our little girl:
    - BRICA infant car seat comfort canopy; definitely a must have for summer!
    - IKEA bibs; if the teething stage hasn't started yet, the drooling days are on their way
    - TIMI&LESLIE diaper bag; the Rachel - because it doesn't look like a diaper bag but it absolutely functions as one!
    - JJ COLE urban bundle me; I can already tell it's going to be great for winter

    p.s. Hudson is adorable! Congratulations :)

  7. My little ones are both school aged but we also loved Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. A few must haves for us were
    - Sophie the Giraffe (teether)
    - Bumgenius Cloth Diapers
    - Nutvia Coconut Oil (Used as diaper cream because regular cream will ruin cloth diapers)
    - Planet Wise wet bag (for dirty diapers)

  8. Hudson looks so happy in his new highchair, love hearing about all your favs its always nice to know what other Moms find works for them. So nice your posting again missed ya.

  9. Seeing how my baby man is almost 2 (ahh!), I like the things that have lasted from birth to now. Rhys loves
    -his Aden and Anais dream blanket. Its the only blanket he would sleep with in his big boy bed until very recently.
    - we skipped a highchair and opted for the healthy care booster. We did baby led weaning (seriously check this out! I still feel it is the reason my child is a great eater of a large variety of healthy foods) so we knew he wouldn't use a seat until he could sit up unassisted.

    Enjoy your cutie pie!!

    1. We didn't do Baby led weening since I only recently heard of it. But, we always have fed our little man what we would eat. I didn't skimp on making his baby food and he now eats what we eat at the table. It saves me on making two meals. I routinely make meatballs with veggies and apple and take them out to feed him. He has eaten everything so far. I made it a point to have him eat pure food. For example, when I steam broccoli, he eats pure broccoli without a mix in. He LOVES broccoli now as well as most fruits and veggies he can safely eat with no teeth : )

  10. Love your list! Something we bring on every outing is the Skip Hop Bento kit

    Baby K'Tan carrier is in my diaper bag all the time in case my daughter gets fussy. It's been a life saver.

    Inglesina Fast Chair. We leave it in our car for when we are out for dinner or at friends & families. It beats using the dirty high chairs at restaurants.

  11. We have a lot of the same stuff but BE CAREFUL with the Dr Brown's glass bottles - the neck cracked on two of our bottles and I called Dr Brown's an it's a known issue.

  12. Also love the Aden & Anais Muslin blankets - they were great during those heat waves for swaddling but not getting too sweaty. We've also used tons of the cheap Carter's receiving blankets - thin, soft jersey cotton. So good for wiping out eye goobers and baby drool.

  13. I have to agree on the Aden and Anais blankets. I had a Miracle Blanket and a few other similar items, but ultimately just went straight for those and they've been amazing.

    I love sleep sacks (Aden and Anais, Halo, Carter's... all of them) and zipper pj's.

    My daughter was really picky with pacifiers - she only liked MAMs and we tried dozens of other kinds. She liked the MAM bottles, but I hated washing them. I stick to Nuk bottles.

  14. Great list! We are also big Aden + Anais fans. My son is 19 weeks old and a couple of other things we couldn't live without are his Graco sound machine and Motorola video monitor!

  15. Aiden and Anais blankets
    CJs BUTTer
    Amber teething necklace
    Planet wise wet bag (with the dry zipper side and the wet zipper side)
    vibrating bouncy chair
    Lillebaby carrier
    And for nursing: Mother love nipple cream and a planet wise nursing cover

    There are so many great things out there, it can be hard to pare a list down. But these are among my daily essentials.

  16. Hi there,
    I always feel compelled to share with other families dealing with eczema. My son developed eczema at 3 1/2 months. We've had great success controlling it by removing harsh detergents and chemicals from our home, all based on information found on Thought I'd pass it along!

  17. I loved the Burt's Bees and I give it at baby showers. My youngest has sensitive skin and we didn't have any issues with it.

  18. I would say a baby sling of some sort. Some babys just don't accept beeing put down and if you want to get anything done, the sling is a must have! And, for those who don't breastfeed, glass bottles for the formula!

  19. So glad you're back! I love reading your blog and I love it even more now that you're share baby things (I have 3). I love the honest company products-laundry detergent, bath wash and sunscreen. I know your little one is really young still but the honest company makes an amazing sunscreen and I also really like badger baby sunscreen-their daily sunscreen lotion absorbs really well and isn't greasy:-)

  20. Our little man has always been the Houdini of swaddling blankets. We finally bought the large sized Aiden and Anais ones and loved them. He didn't get too warm in them either. For the feeding stages, I would recommend the Baby Bjorn bib. I love that it catches food as he tries to eat. Our little man has quite the appetite and will dig the food out of the bib after he finishes what is on the tray : ) He is now 10 months.

  21. We also use California Baby bath wash and lotions.

  22. One more- We adopted as well, so we didn't have a ton of money to spend on unnecessary items for our little man. This is another item we LOVE. it can be used later as a regular trash can. They also have a new cloth liner for cloth diapers. I wanted to go all cloth with our first, but with everything with the adoption, I was a little overwhelmed. So, maybe next go around. Sorry I didn't post all in one comment. : ) I am hoping you are really enjoying having your little Hudson as a part of your family. Life takes on so much more meaning when you see it through his eyes.

  23. We use a 100% rubber pacifier too. It is also made by natursutten, but one of their other lines. Since we didn't use a pacifier all the time the three/four we had on hand, all lasted a year before cracking and it was our baby who noticed first not us (that it cracked). Then we tried going without a pacifier for a week and it worked! So it was nice not to have to "restock" the pacifiers (since they are a little spendy).

    If you like wood toys you would really liked the Melissa and Doug shape sorter. We have had four different kinds and this brand is my favorite.

  24. While it's interesting for us old ladies (my baby is in double digits now) to see how baby gadgetry has evolved, this post is missing the most important thing ... Hudson pics! Would love to see how he's growing.
    Also, take plenty of pics of baby mess. I was so silly to only photograph those rare occasions when toys were put away. Eventually the mess does end (migrates is probably a better term). Now I wish I had more evidence. Also, it may be comforting to other new mommies who are living in chaos and beating themselves up for not keeping their homes as neat as yours. Best wishes to you and your sweet family.



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