Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Heart Organizing: Baby Closet

I am over on I Heart Organizing today talking about Hudson's new closet. Organizing a baby closet was a bit different than organizing a grown up closet I found out. For one . . . the clothes are much tinier. I worked out a very simple system for our little man's clothes.
If you have a second check it out on I heart Organizing!!


  1. Looks great Ashli! And yes, at the rate he is growing you will need that bin girlfriend!!

  2. Is this the IKEA Gulliver crib? How do you like it? We are expecting and have a ways to go but I've been looking at cribs lately and love how reasonably priced IKEA's are.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Looks great Ashli! Those hooks are too cute - love the coordination with the hamper!

  4. LOVE the goat hooks!

    You guys did a wonderful job! Very simple and classy

  5. Saw this today on One Kings Lane & thought of you! :) Love the hooks too!

  6. Great job! I put the same system in my daughter's closet before she was born. Now she's six (sniff) and I've been able to make changes as her needs change with little effort. I love that you can buy components separately too to really customize your system. Can't wait to read more about little Hudson! ♡

  7. Ashli,

    I'm hopping over from I Heart Organizing and I just wanted to say a big congratulations on your adoption! :-)


  8. So very excited for your family!

  9. Also curious about the crib brand. Love how simple and clean it looks.

  10. How fun !!!! Enjoy this journey you're on ..... next you'll be organizing all of his toys ~ colour coded :-) Have a fantastic long weekend.

  11. Ashli,
    Thought of your nursery when I saw this 2 elephant lights in The Company Store catalog today...
    They would look awesome in Hudson's new nursery!
    So extremely happy for you and Lee....what a lucky little babe to be wrapped in your loving arms!

    Love your blog!

  12. looks so great!! is this from IKEA?? nice carpet!

  13. Thanks for this post! We are expecting baby #2 while renovating our home so I'm going to put these tips to good use. I'm loving the baby posts!!

  14. As a mom nothing beats an organized home. It just saves so much time and effort! I love organizing baby things because they're so tiny and space efficient :) Hudson's closet looks awesome!
    My kids are older now and our big summer project was a deep cleaning and overhaul of their closets and rooms. Nothing there that we don't need/use/love anymore. Feels great!


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