Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cleaning Supply Caddy

I shared one half of under our kitchen sink here. I still LOVE the lazy susan for under our corner sink (in my experience corner sinks are more difficult to organize, what can I say . . . I am a girl who loves right angles). The lazy susan is great for things that stay in the kitchen . . . things like club soda, kitchen sponges, dishwasher detergent, dish soap etc . . . But things that I need to clean other areas of the house, things like . . . Window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, cloths, scrubber, counter wipes, paper towel, microfiber cloths etc . . . are better left in a caddy that way I still have easy access to them in the kitchen but I can grab the whole caddy and take it to the upstairs bathrooms, or basement bathroom!
I think any caddy is great it doesn't have to be an expensive one, but this one from Rev a Shelf is amazing! It pulls out on rails, and then clips out so you can take it around the house with you.
When you are done you can pop it back on the rails and it tucks away neatly under the counter!

 Every Cleaning Caddy should have: 

  • All purpose cleaner, whether it's a homemade cleaner or a store bought cleaner. Or a homemade cleaner in a store bought container. 
  • Window Cleaner
  • Carpet Stain Cleaner
  • Bar Mops (I like using small bar mops for quick clean ups, you just pop it into the wash when you are done and it saves on paper towels).
  • Paper towels . . . I know I just said bar mops to save on paper towels. But I keep paper towels handy for the really gross messes. I am sorry but I'm not cleaning dog sick with a towel . . . that's paper towel territory! 
  • Sponges 
  • A toothbrush or other stiff bristled small brush for fine detail cleaning around faucets and in crevices.
  • An abrasive cleaner like Bon Ami for toilets and other exceptionally grimy places.
I really love our new cleaning caddy! It's better than making two or three trips up and down the stairs with arm loads cleaning supplies. I bought ours from Lowes but you can find them on Amazon for a slightly better price!

Happy Cleaning!


  1. Love it. Problem we have with storing things under our sink is all the pipes and garbage disposal. I would love to see if a caddy like this would fit to one side. Hate making a trip up the stairs only to realize I forgot something. I do keep a set of cleaning supplies in each individual bathroom, which helps. But, all others are in one place downstairs.

  2. I love the idea of a pull out cadddy. This is a great inspiration for when I finallly tackle underneath my kitchen sink.

  3. 'Complete utility cleaning' - that's what is supposed to be called. It is fantastic to see such an all-round cleaning setup. Thanks for sharing this idea with us.

  4. I have been waiting for you to post how you organize under your sink. What I want to know is how do you store wet sponges and separate the kitchen ones from the bathroom ones. For some reason even if I buy different colors, hubs uses the wrong one for either the bathroom or kitchen..... What do I have to spell it out? Would love to hear what you do.

  5. Great idea! We have one of those roll-out bins that was already installed when we moved it. It would be nice to caddy my supplies around. :)

    Cloth diapers (cheap Gerber brand) are another great alternative to bar mops. I find that they are more absorbent.

  6. I just love all your organizing tips! I cleaned up under my kitchen sink a few months ago but this inspires me to make it even better.

  7. That is one awesome caddy! That would make green cleaning and every other form of housekeeping so much easier!


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