Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bird House Love

I love birdhouses! I have always loved bird houses. I especially love bird houses on Posts.
On day, future Ashli and Lee will have lots of bird houses on posts . . . but we'll probably need more than 200 square feet of backyard for that, so for now I will have one fabulous Sophie Conran bird house. 
I love that the inside pulls out for easy cleaning!! 
I also think it's pretty cool that it matches our bird feeder as well.

We screwed it to our fence post, beside and a bit behind our new cedar trees.
I love it . . . one day we'll have multiple birdhouses . . . but for now one house, on one post makes me happy!!


  1. Umm... not the best place for a bird house. A cat will be able to walk along the fence then reach in through the opening to fish out any birds inside.

  2. Play on Young House Love? Very beautiful!

  3. I do love bird houses too but everyone talks me out of getting one because when the birds come around, they are messy little critters and they get the seeds all over the garden which in turns attracts little mice/rats.... not nice. Totally broke my little happy bubble for bird feeders.... Have you had any problems?

  4. I always see cute little bird houses like this one and want them, but we don't gave a great place for one - no yard with the loft - and I'm worried our three dachshunds would scare the birds away.... Maybe someday when we have a house.

  5. I always think of my sweet Grandpa when I see or think of birdhouses. When he was alive, he would make all kinds of them. From very simple and basic to multi-level Southern plantation style homes. He just had a special affinity for them. He made them from scratch and never used any plans in designing/making them. They were all beautiful. I wish I had any one of them now.

  6. Cute bird house. We have tons of birds around here. I don't normally put seed out because we also have TONS of squirrels, and if seed gets spilled and the dogs get into it it tears their digestive system up big time.

  7. Check this out if you want to bring the bird house love indoors!

  8. This is a really cute bird house! I love the color!

  9. Very pretty!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication


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