Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Back Yard with a little privacy

As you can see from this photo we don't have much privacy let alone a very good view from our backyard. We mostly see our neighbors detached garages . . . but such is life in the suburbs
We planted our Japanese Maple Trees last year and they gave us some privacy but they were just phase 1 of the plan. Phase two was scheduled for this year and we finished it over the weekend!

Phase two involved planting an additional 9 cedar trees (in addition to the 6 we already had back there . . . I'm crazy for cedars I guess).  The 9 cedars will block the view of the garages while adding some greenery.
Our little shade garden of hostas exploded this year which was perfect timing because we were forced to pull them up to make room for the cedars. We were able to split each hosta and make enough groupings for under each maple tree, the perfect shady spot for a hosta garden.

Lastly we added a hydrangea bush (a 'limelight' hydrangea), and our three little trellis sculptures!
Now that phase two is complete we are able to move on to Phase 3 which is . . . adding some new gates and pergolas above the gates, with some Dutchman's Pipe growing up.

But right now we need to get the grass back into shape, it is in very rough condition after a week of cedars lying on it, and 3 days of work boots tromping around! Some Natural Fertilizer and TLC should do the trick.


  1. love the limelight hydrangea! I planted one last year and it grew so big! ....and then my 2 80lbs dogs & the bunny under our deck ate that sucker down to the ground.. But I'm happy to report its growing back and is already about a foot & half tall so far! Very hardy little guy :)

  2. What kind of cedar trees are those? They have a nice shape. Those will look great when they get a little taller for you.

  3. Looks beautiful, love the maples and hosta together nice grouping, good job.

  4. We are going to build a hosta garden in our front yard and are in the process of selecting varieties. I notice a few of your hostas have become "leggy" and wonder if that has to do with a variety or the growing conditions. I prefer plants that are low and tight (leaf lobes directly out of the soil). Any advice? (we are in zone 7 right down by Lake Ontario)

  5. Are you certain those are cedar trees? They look exactly like Arborvitae. We have a row of 15 of them along our property line. They eventually grow to about 15' tall, maybe taller.

  6. Looks great! Also looking forward to my invite :-)))

  7. Love the arrangement you came up with!

  8. Its really coming along it looks great :) The hardest part about gardening is having the patience to wait for the plants to grow before you can see how they'll really add privacy and greenery to the yard. I need some privacy trees as well will have to keep these ones in mind.

  9. We've been working on our garden lately as well. Living in an city appartement with a garden is priceless but our privacy is more than limited. We added some bamboos in pots to separate our terrace from our neighbour's and planted a couple of trees at the very end of the grass. This will have to do the trick for now!

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  10. Love the addition of the trees. We unfortunately had to take down around 20 behind our fence...the leland cypress here all have developed blight and it spreads like wildfire. A couple of things to keep an eye out for...the cedars will get big, and if they don't get enough sunlight inbetween they can end up with the same issues. Our trees were all just 4-6ft when installed and were over 50 when we took them out.

  11. Hi - I am popping by your blog from Simcoe Street and am so glad I did!

  12. Looks lovely! Have you ever considered a pagoda? We got one for our garden last year and I love, love, love it. You can even find them on craigslist sometimes. It would look pretty among your Japanese maple.


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