Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Clean your Purse with Grace Adele

I think keeping a clean, well organized purse is almost as important as keeping a clean, well organized home. It keeps you on top of things, when you phone is ringing you can find it, when you need a tissue it's right there, when you need to return that item because you found a similar item that's way cuter at Target . . . the receipt is easy to find.

I was introduced to Grace Adele bags by a friend and I couldn't wait to share them with you. They are so smartly designed, even Lee said that's a really cool bag when I showed him all the goodies.

First you pick out your bag, then you pick out your accessories like:
My personal favorite a removable clutch, it fits perfectly in to the front, and gives a pop of color to your bag, and when you want, you can take it out and use it as a clutch.
My second favorite accessory:
The Key chains and the D ring on the front to clip your keys on to . . . no more searching elbow deep in your purse for your keys.
Next accessory is another clutch type purse on the inside, that clips in or out. It also comes with a strap so you can use it as a purse all on its own.
Grace Adele also makes lots of clip on accessories to go with the purses or clutches, I like the leather flower!
and don't forget the matching jewelry . . . I'm not kidding Grace Adele has matching jewelry to their bags!!! It's awesome!!! haha
On top of all of this they have coordinating wallets and makeup bags, phone holders, rings, scarves and pretty much anything else you can think of, including a whole line of Leather Purses.
 I hope you'll check out their catalog, they really put a lot of thought in to their bags as well as having TONS of styles and colors!

*I was not paid anything for this post, I was given a bag to photograph. All opinions are my own.


  1. That is a great bag! I am always searching for my keys in the bottom of my purse.

  2. that is a very organized purse, love all the features a well though out purse.

  3. Looks like a great purse - will have to check out their website. I would love to see what you carry in your purse and how you organize it :)

  4. Great purses - a little on the expensive side though, once you bling it out. Maybe I just have expensive fantasies... 8)

    Several years ago now, I watched an episode of Oprah with useful inventions, and she covered a product called "Pursekets", an organizer that you put all of your stuff in then can move from bag to bag. I started using my clutches like that, the bare necessities would fit in the clutch, then I could move the clutch from bag to bag that I selected for my various outings, suitably sized for the activity... then I could always pull out the clutch and have my money, keys, sunglasses, etc..

    I'm sure we all lose years off our lives searching for things in our bags!!!

  5. I'm a Grace Adele my GA! Love the look you created too. :) Yeah for pink!


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