Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Someone to watch over me

I'm back, a little impromptu vacation to my parents, if you follow me on instagram @minimanor you would have caught a couple photos of my last minute trip. I had a great time, a little shopping, a lot of sleeping. But I am back now!

When I came back I found my recent ebay order sitting on the front porch. I ordered a old fashioned vinyl record of our wedding song. I've been searching for ways to add more meaning to our home. I want our walls to speak, I want them to say something about us, even if what they are saying is "hey this is your wedding song" ;). 

We didn't choose our wedding song lightly. We put lots of thought into it. We wanted it to be classic, but sweet, but not too corny. We covered classic with Frank Sinatra and the song we chose was "Someone to watch over me"
I found the record for sale on Ebay for a whopping $1.01, with shipping it was still less than $7. The frame I found on Amazon for $12. I placed the cover behind the record, I figured we should be looking at the record not the cover, even if the cover had a young Frank Sinatra on it.
I am so happy with how it turned out. I think it's small touches that make a house a home (for lack of a less cliched way of saying it). And this record is so meaningful and personal, as well as being a conversation piece.
I think when you LOVE neutral colors as much as we do, you have to get creative in other ways, like personal art from your sister, or great grandmother, or mother in law. I want to add heart and personality to our home . . . with out adding a lot of color.  I think one of a kind items that are full of meaning (for you) are the way keep neutral exciting!


  1. Cute! I have collected records for a looong time. I still have ones from when I was little (Strawberry shortcake anyone?) and I have always loved to decorate with a few of them here and there.

    My husband drew the line at the Loverboy cover...the one with the red leather pants? Yeah. THAT one.

  2. Great idea Ashli, and agree, art should have meaning to those in the home.

  3. Ashli, what a fun & meaningful idea - I am DEFINITELY going to copy!!

  4. Last year for our 4th wedding anniversary, I bought my husband a vinyl copy of our wedding song (Never Tear Us Apart by Inxs). He gave me the same gift. Great minds think alike . . .
    Michael's also has the record frames (we have quite a few framed up in our "man cave").

  5. What a great way to personalize your art and make it meaningful LOVE IT...

  6. What a great idea! Just found mine on ebay and snapped it up. My anniversary is this week and it will make a fun gift for my husband. :)

  7. I love the personal art and meaningful pieces in your home

  8. We picked Ole Blue Eyes also! Come Rain or Come Shine for us though. I think I might just steal this idea. Thanks!

  9. What a beautiful sentimental story of love and emotion. Thank you <3

  10. What a wonderful way to commemorate your first dance. I've always loved that song - so sweet.


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