Thursday, May 30, 2013

Perfect Drawers

First . . . please excuse my photos I forgot to charge the battery on our camera so these are phone pictures . . . phone pictures in low light.

I LOVE unexpected pops of pretty. Like when you open a closet door and it's painted a fun color inside or a jewel box powder room. Our cutlery trays were at one point a splurge item for us. They are wood and while we snagged a good deal on them, I would still consider them a splurge item. So almost 5 years later they are seriously showing some signs of wear and tear. But structurally they are still great (if a cutlery tray can be structurally sound??).

I thought about giving them a coat of spray paint but I didn't like the idea of our cutlery touching the paint and all of the chemicals that go along with spray paint. I thought about painting them with a more natural no voc paint or even a chalk paint . . . but I didn't think they would hold up to the abuse, from all of the metal utensils.

I thought about shelf liner . . . easy to clean, easy to install. So I went to Target . . . (p.s. I couldn't be more excited there's a target in Canada now!!) I looked at the pretty liners, but then I saw the cork one and cork in cutlery drawers just made sense. The utensils would slide around as much when the drawers were opened and closed! And for less than $10! Perfect.
The only Piece of advice I have about installing it, is:
Cut with scissors not an exacto knife . . . for some reason the cork doesn't appreciate the cutting blade approach, it kind of crumbles around the edges.
The drawers are in way better shape now . . . I was able to get rid of some extra bits and bobs, and most important make room for a recent gift . . . my new Sophie Conran measuring spoons and cups!!!

Once the battery is all charged up I will take some much better photos for you . . . but I hope these will do for now.
If you follow us on Instagram you would catch a couple photos of my new Sophie Conran dishes. I am so so so excited! When we first got married I wanted to much to register for Sophie Conran dishes but we decided that the fact that we could barely afford food at the time . . . having fancy dishes to eat off of seemed a little extravagant. So I waited and waited, finally 7 years and an amazon gift card later I have them!!!
So I am doing a major cupboard overhaul . . . probably as you are reading this. I can't wait to share!


  1. Lovely, I do enjoy reading about you and your home. My cutlery drawers are suitably shamefaced.

  2. Yes, the cork will keep your knives from getting dull. Great job. Loving the measuring cups and spoons.

  3. ahhhhh ...from simple things comes great joy! It is so nice to have things clean & tidy! I thought of you yesterday as I need to get it together under the kitchen sink! Thanks for inspiring! and your helpful tips!

  4. The cork is such a great idea, love your new measuring spoons and cups.

  5. Ah yes, I love sparkle and the cork will do the knives good! I have some similar measuring spoons and cups from both Chapters and World Market. Aren't they the sweetest ever?

  6. These will be on my "to check out" at Target list for sure. I really like the natural look and it fits perfectly with the decor I have going on in my kitchen. Thanks for the idea!

  7. All my kitchen drawers have organizers/dividers. It does make it look neat and tidy. Btw I love your Sophie Conran measuring bowls! I searched on Amazon and now the set is on my wish list. I want the measuring cup also. It's too cute. I love anything with writing on it! And they actually are pretty reasonably priced.

  8. Thank you for sharing your utensil drawer makeover!
    I recently received new cutlery as a gift and was less than thrilled to put it away in my dollarstore tray! Where did you find your trays?
    And the cork is a fantastic idea to add to drawers! I had never thought to do that!
    I just gave my pantry an overhaul and used cork to line the shelves. Im loving it! {}
    And Sophie Conran sure knows what she is doing! Congrats on your new splurge! I can only imagine how much they will be loved and enjoyed in your kitchen!
    Have a great day!

  9. I am a regular reader of your blog and was so happy to read this post. I am working on diy wood dividers for my kitchen island drawers. Could you please tell me what the width across is of your dividers? I am trying to decide between the 1/2" or 1" width. (I'm somewhat of a perfectionist!) Thank you - I also love reading about your yorkie - I have a rescue yorkie too!

  10. I did this awhile back in a couple of our drawers as well as in the kitchen cabinets that hold all the dishes/glassware. Looks so much better!

  11. Can't wait to see your new dishes... did you pick white or opt for a color?? We have the white ones and absolutely LOVE them! So versatile and beautiful! We've been using them daily for five years now and have only chipped one cereal bowl! From sink to dishwasher to storing them stacked in our cabinets, I'd say that's not bad! Enjoy!!

  12. LOVE the measuring spoons and measuring cups!

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  14. I love Sophie Conran! I have some of her mugs, a set of dessert bowls, and a couple mixing bowls. So pretty YOU feel pretty just holding them ;) Totally jellies of your measuring cups!


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