Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Art in the library

We have a couple of new photographs in the library. We've been meaning to add more meaningful art to our home. We added the oil painting from my great grandmother's house in the library last month, and now we've added some more family art work in the form of Lee's Mom's Photography!
Lee's mom is very talented nature photographer and during our last visit I was able to steal (with permission) some of her latest snaps.

The first one was a large picture of a bird on a snowy branch.
The two smaller ones are made up of a crystal clear photo of an owl. And another beautiful photograph of one of her trips abroad.

We are very lucky to have both a painter (my sister) and a photographer (my MIL) in the family. It feels nice to add some pictures with a little bit of soul in them.

In Today's theme of family I'll have a new photo from my mom's living room this afternoon. She did a cheap and cheerful, traditional update on her fireplace I think you are going to like.


  1. Beautiful! I love displaying art that has meaning.

  2. Very nice. How do I get a copy of the bird on the snowy branch?:)

  3. Looks beautiful!! How lucky to have not one but two artist's in the family!!

  4. That's fantastic that you have so many artsy individuals in your family. It's so much less expensive to know the artist personally! ;)

  5. Lovely! They look great


  6. Beautiful Pictures, you have a very talented family

  7. So nice and lovely.

    I was wondering what do you use to hang your photos?

  8. I love them!!! Great catch with the bird on the branch. I have started printing my photos I have taken too. I have some great ones of Cardinals, Chickadees and Hummingbirds along with some floral pics. They do add a personal nice touch to a room.

  9. Holy smokes!!!!! I love her photography, that bird is amazing and I really love the green hydrangeas in the galvanized vase picture over to the right??? Lovely picture wall.

  10. OMG she is amazing.........those photos are STUNNING...go Mummy Lee


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