Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Krafty, with Kraft wrapping paper

This year I wanted to stick with our simple theme, so I decided on Kraft paper wrapping. I've seen all the great ways to dress up simple kraft paper and since we already had a big old roll of it in the closet, my evil plan was coming together (commence finger pyramid of evil).
Here's how I took this:
and turned it into, this:
It was really easy, I made tissue paper flowers for the girl's presents and Lee folded paper airplanes for the boy's presents.
The tissue paper flowers were really easy to make, if you've ever made a tissue paper pom pom it's the same process but you only puff up one side of the pom pom making a flower.
  1. Cut a rectangle of tissue paper, use about 5-7 sheets of tissue paper. Use more tissue paper for Large flowers (7 sheets) and less paper for smaller flowers (5 sheets). 
  2. Start folding an accordion about 1- 1 1/2 inches wide. 
  3. Now that your accordion is folded. 
  4. Tie the middle together. I use small zap straps but you can use a twist tie or a piece of wire or even string. 
  5. Round the edges on both sides.
  6. It should look like this. 
  7. Then unfold,
  8. and gently pull each layer of tissue paper to the center. 
I wanted all the presents to match but be different, so I used similar toppers (flowers for girls, and airplanes for boys). But added different colored ribbons for the different families receiving gifts from us.
Yellow for one family,
Pink for another.
This way we just look at the color of ribbon and know that we got all the presents for that family.

I'm all done shopping for Christmas! But my side of the family does what we call "Homemade Christmas". We are a family of crafty craftersons so we make each other gifts. I'm about halfway through those gifts but I haven't wrapped any of them yet. So hopefully by next week we'll have some more presents under this tree:
I hope you like our kraft wrapping as much as I do. I think I might be doing this every year! It would be so easy to change up the accents every year. And it's really cost effective. LOVE IT!


  1. They look gorgeous! I bought some kraft wrapping paper this year too - I can't wait to use it!

  2. Beautiful!! I did something similar last year! I used white doilies though. I love the idea of the pom pom!

    This year my three year old specifically asked for a certain wrapping paper at the we are going gaudy. Im gonna pretend it's the newest thing, haha.

  3. A very crafty past neighbor of mine used to wrap all of her presents in kraft paper and then take raffia and berry springs and such for the tops with a tag. They were always so pretty to look at. I love yours as well... it made me think of my neighbor. I love the cohesive look.

  4. I was totally doing Kraft paper this year, too! I saw some great ideas to dress it up on Pinterest and couldn't resist! My hubs doesn't do bows, so I'll have to dress my gifts up a bit by premaking some of these flowers for him! Thanks for the tips!!!

  5. Great idea! I'm pinning this straight away! :o)

  6. So pretty. I am using a lot of craft paper this year as well. I also bought some of Martha Stewart's adhesive borders. Great way to add a bit of print to plain boxes.

  7. These look fantstic! I use newspaper for it's eco-friendliness, but it doesn't look that great. So then I also dress it up with ribbons and bows, and it makes such a difference just as here. Awesome!

  8. I too decided to stick with simple craft paper too this year. Those puff balls have always been a favorite of mine and what a great idea to stick them to presents. My goodness girl, you are a wealth of inspiration to me. Big hugs to you!!!!!

  9. So stinkin cute! I am going to craft paper route this year too! So simple and yet so fun to dress up!


  10. I love this :) planes for the boys is so adorable and I like how you got the man involved, they get away with not having to do lots of shopping and wrapping this time of year!

  11. Where do you buy kraft paper?

    1. Staples carries it, most post offices will carry it and of course Nashville Wraps (one of our amazing sponsors) carries it!!
      Hope that helps!

  12. You read my mind! I decided in November this is the route to take. Plus you can use craft paper for so much more than gifts (duh on my part). It just makes so much sense!

  13. I use Kraft paper every year....this is a great way to change it up. You're very Creative! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Merry Christmas!


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