Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bird Shaped Shelf

I hope everyone in Blogland is doing well . . . we are both SICK! Lee has strep again, poor guy he gets it almost every year . . . I on the other hand have what can only be compared to as the bubonic plague ;) or a minor cold. Apparently it didn't stop me from shopping . . . I like to get all of our Christmas shopping done by Dec 1st (only because I HATE malls in December).

I popped into Homesense to look for a gift for MOM! And in true amazing daughter style I found nothing for my mom and something amazing for us!
I fell head over heels for this wall mounted, bird shaped book shelf! It doesn't look like much now . . . there is cardboard protecting the beak and the tail, but once it's up and styled I think it will be amazing! I can't wait to show you!


  1. Wow, great find Ashli! Can't wait to see where you put it and how you accessorize it :)

  2. oooh I LOVE that shelf! So unique - definitely a conversation piece!

  3. very cute little bookshelf I also can't wait to see where you hang it and accessorize it.

  4. I used to get Strep every year (sometimes so bad it turned into Tonsillitis and I had to be hospitalized). Poor Lee... I know his pain! I finally got my tonsils out and after 2 weeks of eating sherbet, I haven't had strep since!

  5. :( Hope you guys feel better soon! The Hubs gets strep a lot too! And we all had the stomach bug for a week! It is definitely no fun when the whole house is sick!

    But what a great find!! I love HomeGoods! Just bought a gorgeous toss pillow from there the other day!!

  6. What a fun find. I know you'll have it looking perfectly styled in no time. I miss HomeSense, you can always find something unique. But if you don't grab it, it will be gone the next time you visit.
    Hope everyone feels better soon.
    Have a great day!

  7. I love it & can't wait to see how it turns out. I want one & will be on the hunt for one just like it in Texas. Is Homesense the same as Homegoods? We have that in TX... FEEL BETTER!

  8. I just saw something similar in someone's off the other day. It was so darn cute! You will LOVE it!


  9. Feel better soon! Can't wait to see where you put the shelf. You shop like me! LOL

  10. I can totally see the potential - cant wait to see it super styled by you :) Now get back to bed and rest up, hope you feeling better soon!

  11. Aw, I hope you guys survive this "plague" Love the bird and can't see what you do with it.

  12. I just received a catalog with the exact bird shelf. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm sure you didn't pay $199 for it...that was the price in catalog !!!!

  13. Hope you feel better soon. This will be fun to see what you do with the bird. Funny about buying for yourself when you should be shopping for the family...happens to me, too. I guess because I don't shop that much. Take care.

  14. I first came to visit you because of the name Maillardville Manor and have been a fan from that time onward. You see I commenced my marriage in Maillardville which was named after Fr. Maillard. The Maillardville senior home on Alderson inside has our name as a contributer and my mother-in-law funded (after she went to live there) the chapel as she had always been a daily communicant. My Father-in-law built the school and Church at Fatima.

    It has been awhile since my last visit and that one was about the bees to help polinate your trees. Such a good idea that I forwarded on to many of my friends.

    My comments this time are for the tour of your home in an earlier post which I have only viewed this evening. Always You both impress me with your joie de vie with one another and the absolutely grand ideas you bring to fruition. I could use a granddaughter like you.

    Your request on that post was what room do you like best. First I must say you dazzled me with what you both accomplished in your bedroom. Now so light and cheery and 'thumbs up' for the fireplace. We had one in our bedroom 'oh so many years ago now' and it was just the best. Next was the office as it just seems to invite one to come join the master and mistress of the home as does the way you created your living actually made your room look like a square and how unique the fireplace changes. Thrilling was the laundry room as we do spend a few hours there, n'est-ce pas? It is so compact and yet savor faire at the same time. Your use of panelling made things a cut above and I quite agree with you regarding the new dining room makes a quite and restful statement. Your home is what I would call 'understated elegance'.

    I do not have a blog but if you should respond to my comments I will make sure and check your site in the next few days.

    You are awesome in your decorating and your original ideas.

    A good hot toddy for a cold is organic molasses, organic vinegar and as much cayenne as you like and add hot water, stir well and drink. Drink this throughout the day and just before bed. Sometimes it takes a few days but your cold will be better with it soon.

    ~Sylvia Faye

    1. OH Sylvia!
      You made my Day! Thank you so much for you very sweet comment! You put a HUGE smile on my face!
      That is so cool about your history with Maillardville. We originally picked Maillardville to live because I loved the name "Maillardville" So pretty!!
      Thank you again for your comment!
      Lots of love
      p.s. I would LOVE to be your granddaughter!! ;)

  15. Just checking in.... I hope you and Lee are feeling better.


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