Monday, October 15, 2012

Mmmmmm . . . Brains!

*Warning . . . if this post makes you hungry . . . you might be a Zombie!

This weekend we started a new tradition . . . Zombie Paintball! By we I mean Lee! We hosted a zombie themed birthday party for a friend of ours. It involved Zombie Paintball. The boys and a couple girls who are braver than myself, trek into the woods with paintball guns to be attacked by padded zombies. I wanted no part of the real zombie action but I did make a cake that satisfied not only the friends who made it back human, but also the friends who came back as zombies! 
It wasn't too difficult at all. We used red velvet cake for inside. I baked two 6" round cakes, popped one on top of the other with some vanilla icing in between. Lee shaped it into a brain shape. He just used a serrated knife and shaped the cake (tip: if you chill the cake in the fridge for a few hours it's easier to shape). Lastly, I slathered vanilla icing all over the top and covered it in strands of pink fondant.
I rolled small pieces of fondant (pink Wilton fondant from Michaels) into long strands and then coiled them all over the cake. I had no rhyme or reason I just made sure to make keep the left side and the right side of the brain separate.
My recipe for BLOOD! 
1 cup Corn Syrup
1-2 tbsp coco powder
red food coloring (as much as you'd like).
If it's too bright try adding a tiny bit of blue food coloring.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Eew, that is the grossest cake I've ever seen (but I'm sure it tasted amazing!)Love the sound of zombie paintball - I really, REALLY want to have a go at that!

  2. That is so neat! ... messy!

    Don't recall if you knit, but you might want to whip up one of these for Lee too;

  3. How fun! It's looks so professional. You could enter a contest with it!

  4. Gross!
    You did a good job on it.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My kids will love this! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks AWESOME! (So excited that it's almost Halloween.)

  7. My 20 yr old son would absolutely love zombie paintball. He is very much into zombies these days. Not sure of the appeal of the brain eating undead.
    Your cake is creepy but so perfect for the party. Great job.

    Cheers! :)

  8. Seriously that is wicked.............don't think I could even stomach it....10/10 for creativity!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  9. Baby girl. . .You did a damn good job on that cake cause it makes me want to puke. It looks too real for me. I could never eat it. But that's just me. I am the same way with the litter box cake. . . .lol.

  10. You can keep your brain, and I'll keep my autumn leaves, pumpkins, etc. I love your decorating style, but on this one, we'll just have to agree to disagree. LOL! :-) Great job on decorating it, though. Just a bit too realistic for my taste! Reminds me of the cake on Steel Magnolias!

  11. I love it!! I think you did an absolutely fantastic job!! So very creative! Love your blog!!

  12. OMG...that is seriously the grossest thing I have seen in a long time! You NAILED it!!! or should I say KILLED it...I digress. I know people do eat brains of varying things, but I'll stick with the cake kind!!

  13. Gross! But so cool! This is the first recipe/food DIY i have pinned in a loooong time. Too good!

  14. Haha, this is awesome. :)
    Love how it actually freaks people out! Perfect!

  15. gag. gah. gross. i'm actually scared to come back here on halloween.


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