Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Dinner Party!

Last week we had a small little 4 person dinner party, some vegetarian lasagna, salad, zucchini cakes and flourless chocolate cake.
(please ignore the small pink pig in the bottom left corner of the picture, Max drags that toy all over the house it's become a staple, I don't even notice it's there anymore). 
We already had the pretty sunflowers from last weeks flowers on Friday post.
I added some very neutral plates from Kmart, some slanted Asian bowls from Homesense, some napkins I sewed myself and two table runners from a recent Zellers Clearance sale ($2 each!).
And lastly, my favorite bottle of wine. I am definitely the farthest thing from a wine connoisseur but I really do love this one it's called "The Show" and like any good bottle of fine wine you can find it at Target for just over $11!  ;)


  1. love the Target comment, totally made me LOL first thing in the morning, just love your sense of humor Ashlee!

  2. Always so classy, Ashli! Lucky guests to be invited. Max invited his piggy.

  3. What a beautiful table Ashli! Yummy menu, too. That flourless chocolate cakes sounds delicious. I love those plates you found at KMart.

  4. what a beautiful table setting nice cozy for the wine...

  5. Beautiful! Love the neutrals! My husband would agree with you on the Argentinian Malbec...

  6. You are ain inspiration to me,i love your house and the way you decorate.
    I always read your posts but rarely comment.
    Thanks for sharing ,and i learn a lot with you
    big Hug

  7. What??? Target wine isn't FINE wine? Beautiful table setting. I would be happy to be a guest.

  8. Hi!! I'm one of your readers (gruppie) from Argentina and felt as part of the post when I saw the argentinean bottle of wine.. haha
    Fun fact: We don't get to drink that wine here, it's only "for export"... lucky you! :)

  9. What a beautiful dinner party! I'd come and eat that menu any time!

  10. So - this comment is not really about your dinner party (although it is super cute), but rather just a hello. I dont remember how I found your blog but I have been reading it somewhat obsessively (in a non-creepy way) since I found it. I just love it. Also - we used to have a Yorkie named Jasper, and your Max reminds me of him so much. He was a rescue too, and like Max, he didn't have many teeth, so his little tongue was always poked out. It was just precious.

    So anyway - Hi!

  11. The flourless cake was delicious! Lucky to be one of the four! Thanks Ashli.

  12. and i can't envision that brain cake anywhere on THIS table either. :P gah, what a fright that gave me first thing in the morning!


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