Friday, January 13, 2012

Sponsor Post: JewelMint

This post brought to you by Jewelmint. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you caught our New Years Resolution post, you'll remember I wanted to start pulling off a more put together look on a more regular basis!  I think that accessories are going to be a huge part of that! A fabulous Necklace can transform a plain white tee :).

When I found JewelMint I was really excited to take their Quiz, I answered some questions about my personal style, about celebrity styles I identify with, and my general taste in fashion. Once I answered the questions they came up with some jewelry choices they thought I'd like . . .It's like having your own personal accessory stylist in your computer.

Here's my favorite Personal Pick:

Here's how it works:

~JewelMint is a Members only Jewelry Club offering your favorite trends by your favorite trendsetters for $29.99 a piece.

~it was founded by Kate Bosworth and award winning stylist Cher Coulter, all the customized jewelry recommendations are from them.

Indulge you passion for jewelry with affordable must haves like these:



JewelMint has offered our readers 50% off one Item now through to January 31/2012 when you use the Code: JLSS50

I hope you'll check out JewelMint they have new designs showing up every month.

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  1. wow that last piece is stunning...thanks for sharing!

  2. So pretty! Loving the last piece.

  3. Just to let you know the link didn't work, but looks like a cute site :)

  4. Thanks for letting us know! I've double checked it and it's working here on my end .. . maybe it was a momentary glitch!
    Thanks again for letting me know !!!

  5. AShli, Thanks so much for featuring JewelMint! I am so glad to have learned about them. I love the earrings!

  6. I'm on there too, but somehow, a lot of the personal pick items I got, I don't like! I always x them off and choose why I don't like them, in the hopes that eventually they'll get it right, and I always pick more that I do like. But I LOVE those feather earrings, and they're not even on my pick more! *pouting* But its ok, because who knows when it will be before I have extra money again anyway :) Ever the optimist am I!

  7. I'm not sure if you know, but if you order jewelry from there, your membership becomes "preferred" and you get charged a membership fee if you don't make a purchase by the 5th of every month. You can get out of paying if you "skip the month," but you have to remember to go on the website and do it every month. I'm guessing the fees go toward credits for jewelry, but it still seems like a lot of hassle, especially for someone like me who isn't planning on buying that much jewelry.



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