Monday, January 16, 2012

The Most organized cabinet in my house!

This weekend we celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary!!! I don't know if it's a good or a bad sign that it feels like we haven't been married for that long but I'll take it as a good sign! :)

I don't want to get all mushy on you but this Husband of mine . . . I tell ya, I have NO idea what I've done to deserve such an amazing husband, but whatever it was I'm so glad I did it!

To give you an Idea of what living with Lee is like (cross my heart NO exaggeration here):
~If he see's dishes in the sink, he'll do them! (I didn't know this wasn't common but my girlfriends tell me that this is VERY uncommon!!)
~If it's raining he'll stop in front of the store to let me out . . . every time, without fail . . . and we live in the Greater Vancouver Area it's pretty much raining here ALL THE TIME!
~He is more than willing to attempt any project I can imagine up, with out a word of complaint not even a roll of the eyes, his only request is that we do projects as we can afford them!
~I have never once thought about my car . . . he takes care  of the cars. If my car makes a funny noise or if I think the tire pressure might be low I just mention it and it's taken care of.
~ I have never shoveled snow.
~ I have never been to a mechanic.
~I haven't had to carry anything heavy in at least 8 years!
~sometimes, if I ask really nicely . . . he'll even come to Ikea with me!! Seriously the man's a saint! ;)

He is the killer of moths (I hate moths), the dog poo picker upper, and the fixer of EVERYTHING from pipes to broken hearts. He is LOVE.

Blogs can sometimes paint an everything is warm a fuzzy picture where nothing goes wrong . . . and I don't want to do that, but honestly living with Lee is so Easy it's crazy! We do argue . . . mostly about Sleep and driving. LEE SNORES, a lot! and the driving thing . . . show me one couple who hasn't argued while driving and I'll eat my own hair!
Oh, and one time we got in a big fight at Home Depot over baseboards . . .  but show me a couple who's never fought in Home Depot and I'll each my own LEG! ;)

So how do you award such an amazing husband? ? With FOOD!
Lee had one request for our anniversary and it was Beef Bourguignon! There is a direct route to Lee's heart, you either take the cute little dog route (Max has that one covered) or you go through his stomach!!

This years gift definitely proves we've been married for a while now because there is nothing else in the entire world that is a more fitting gift for me then . . . .


The 6th Wedding Anniversary is the IRON anniversary . . . try and find a romantic IRON anniversary gift. Lee took a little spin on it and bought me these beautiful Metal (not iron but close) pot organizers from LOWES!
I am IN LOVE!!!

Here's how the cabinet looked before:
Not too messy, but not very easy to access, we had pots inside pots, which was scratching some of our pots up pretty bad (I wonder how many more times I can say pots in one sentence . . . pots, pots, pots).
During: This picture gives me anxiety!

and AFTER:

ACTION SHOT!!! *notice how they extend all the way out . . . oooooooo . . . . ahhhhhhh! :)

Here's to 6 wonderful years of marriage, and to the knowledge that the best is yet to come!!
Love you Hunny!

One more look at the cabinet ?  ? ? . . .
Here it is all closed up:

then . . . .BAM!

Hope you love it as much as I do!!!

p.s. The Yellow Dutch Oven is from Homesense!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary. :)
    I LOVE the new organized cabinet. I didn't know they made those racks! I guess I am going to make a trip to Lowes. :) Your home is so cozy and beautiful.

  2. Wow, I've never seen those before! So much easier than taking all the front pots out to get to the back ones.

  3. That looks beautiful! It gives me hope for my disaster-like cabinets!
    (Not that yours looked like a disaster before!!)

  4. My cabinets have the divider on the face front. I wish they opened up like yours. I have to fight to get my big soup pots and dutch ovens with half the width. I told the cabinet guy I wanted them like yours, but I guess because the builder was doing base grade cabinets, I couldn't have them (the upgrade was very costly). grrr!

    Happy Anniversary! Isn't it nice to have such a wonderful hubby?! :) Mine will do dishes once in a while, and home projects once in a while. He does take care of the cars and does step in and give me a break with the kids. He also works a full and part time job, so I can be home to raise our kids. Mine is pretty great too. 17 years for us in May.

  5. Congratulations on 6 years!! Marriage is the best!
    Now to your cabinet! I didn't even know they made such a thing! That is fabulous!!! I'm putting it on my list for my hubby. He may give an eye roll though! Enjoy cooking!

  6. I have cabinet envy!!! Where those easy to install? I've seen them but wasn't sure how they would work in my cabinet. I'd love to get something like that for my anniversary! Congrats on 6 years , my hubby and I will celebrate 10 yrs in April. I feel like you do, it doesn't seem possible for us to have been married that long already.

  7. I have a cabinet under our cooktop that would be such a great place for these! Can you give some details on the brand and/or where you bought these?

  8. Love that! What an awesome, thoughtful hubby you have.
    Many more years of happy! Congrats!


  9. What a great husband! and a great gift! I LOVE that organizer. It's funny because I too was under the impression that other husbands just helped around the house when it was needed and carried in the groceries and lifted anything heavy, but I have been told otherwise by friends and was really surprised too :)

  10. OMG, yes!! Lee is a genius! My pot cupboard looks ridiculous, I'm heading to Lowe's to get this exact set up! I'll post a before and after that will blow your mind, thanks for the inspiration! And happy anniversary you crazy kids!

  11. Happy anniversary! I'm guessing finding him something iron related was easier? ;) And I LOVE that dutch oven! I want and need one!

  12. Happy anniversary! I love, love, LOVE your new organizer! Super jealous ;)

  13. Uh, can you say fabulous?!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Many Blessings,

  14. That's amazing! I seriously need to buy those organizers. I'm gonna copy if you don't mind. Our pots and pans drive me crazy! Love it Ashli! I love your pots and pans too esp. the Le Creuset!

  15. Oh, I'm having serious cupboard organizer envy! We have a big deep cabinet for our pots and it's always a big mess. I hate digging around for the pots and pans. Looks like these organizers hold up well because I know for a fact that the Le Creuset is gosh darn heavy (in a good way of course!) Happy Anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary! Amazing gift! & I love that little Chevron hand towel. Where's it from?

  17. Your one very lucky lady :O)

  18. Rob- The products are from Lowes and they are made by REV-A-Shelf!

    They weren't very difficult to install . . . although Lee took care of that part not me!

    I hope that helps!! and I would definitely say they were worth every penny!

  19. Ashley,
    The chevron hand towel I made myself! It was just a plain white hand towel and I add the little zig zag fabric to the bottom. The accent fabric came from Walmart, it was $2 for a quarter yard!
    Hope that helps
    Lots of Love

  20. I want my cabinet to look like that! PS...Our kitchen cabinets are exactly the same (although my handles are a little more narrow). Happy Anniversary...:)

  21. Hi I am your newest follower. This is so funny because I was looking for drawers for my cabinets and found something similar at home depot and was installing them on Saturday. I am also a housewife we live in Mississauga and I know this funny our dog name is Max he is a cavalier king Charles spaniel. Happy Anniversary :)

  22. You two are so cute! I love that you work together on your home. I am so blessed with a brilliant husband but I am still convincing on the home part :) this post is fuel in my plan....I love your cabinet organization. Wow factor.

  23. Then BAM!!! ....... You are too funny! I'm really wondering how I can mold Jay into more of a handy man. I know, I'll secretly subscribe to your blog with his email so that he can read what wonderful things Lee does for you. Heck, every man needs a project to stay happy, right?

  24. Happy Anniversary. I love those organizers!!!!
    Yes, doing the dishes is pretty uncommon, but we have a deal if I cook he problem is that it takes him HOURS to clean it!

  25. Happy Anniversary you two! What a great gift. I would love to have those for our pots and pans, but our downdraft makes it a bit of a challenge.

  26. Wow, I definitely need to get to Lowes for this. Your cabinet looks great. Who would have guessed there were that many pots in there. Awesome hubby too by the way.

  27. Congratulations! The cabinet organizers look amazing. I've been thinking about possibly doing those or at least doing the Martha Stewart hack of adding tension rods to divide for pans, cookie sheets and whatnot.

    Your hubby and my hubby sound alike. And don't worry we've had our fair share of arguments in Home Depot, Lowes, and IKEA, haha!

  28. Those are GORGEOUS! (Along with your cabinets, of course!) I can't wait to get something similar for my cabinets. I would be in HEAVEN with something like that

  29. WOW! I need those organisers!!I wonder if they sell them in Australia somewhere?

  30. Congratulations on six years of wedded bliss...and bliss it does sound like!

  31. WOW I Love those, and what a great gift idea! He knows the way to your heart! Happy anniversary btw! You've inspired me to look into those, my cabinets are so hard to get in and out off.

  32. Happy Anniversary! I love getting organizing presents for special occasions. Your cabinets are so perfectly pretty! I have cabinet envy.


  33. I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday & I'm loving it!! As you can tell since I'm going way back & reading. You sound as if you have a wonderful man. Congrats.

  34. I love this!!! I live in Cloberdale BC - is lowes only in the USA ?

    1. Hi Ang,
      They recently built a Lowes in Queensborough New Westminster. Right beside the Walmart and all the little outlet stores!
      I was So Excited to find one in Canada!!!
      Hope that helps

  35. Oh dear iPhone! Cloverdale ! I didn't know we had lowes here, maybe you go across the line?

  36. I love your cabinet organization, what a great anniversary gift! If he's this great at 6 years of marriage when you get into the thirty something years like I am it will be so fun!!! I do want to say, thank Lee's mother most generously for raising such a fabulous man, and then thank his father, he must have been a great example to his son to have him turn out so great. Believe it or not he didn't just come that way, his parents must be great examples of kindness and respect and you are so lucky to have snagged such prize. :-)



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