Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recipe Box!

The Library is my favorite place in the whole wide world. Out here in the suburbs we have a small little library, but I can still remember taking long lunches at the Vancouver Library, the third largest library in Canada. While my reading material has changed slightly since my single days living downtown (less fashion, more home), I still check out armfuls of Cookbooks from the library every month!

I like to try at least one new recipe every week. Not every recipe is a winner, but when I find one that is I needed somewhere to keep it. The obvious choice was a recipe box. I found one at Michaels for $5 with a 40% off coupon it only cost me $3. It was exactly what I was looking for, but when I got it home . . . it looked a little . . .  old fashioned.

So first I removed the little gold clasp, then I removed the top, filled the holes in with wood filler and painted it. I used some left over paint from the Townhouse Mudroom, Martha Stewart's Bay Leaf Green.
And after adding a little name plate it was exactly what I was looking for!

Total Cost:
Recipe Box $3
Name Plate $1
Green Paint Free (leftover from Mudroom)
Wood Filler Free (leftover from our old Dining Table)
Final Cost: $4 :)
I still need section dividers but I plan on using some old scrapbook paper for those!

So we now have a recipe box, and our cork tiles to store our recipes, where do you store yours? I'm hoping to find some online reasources for storing recipes, but first I'll need a kitchen computer system ;) wink wink Lee :)


  1. Very cute box! After going through a few recipe storage systems, I use the binder system. I have a binder divided into meal courses with page protectors throughout. Also, I bought 8.5x11 plastic page protectors that hold 4 cards where I slide in recipe box sized recipes. So it is nice that I can tear pages out of a magazine and file them next to handwritten recipes.

  2. That box is super cute! I use a 3-ring binder for my recipes. I just put in plastic page protectors and stick the recipes in. I like it because if I spill something, it wipes right up. =)

  3. Love the makeover you gave your recipe box! I have accumulated a LOT of favorite recipes and keep them in three binders. One is main course recipes (divided up into chicken/seafood/soups/etc.). The second binder is breakfast recipes, desserts, breads & baked goods. And the third binder is appetizers, side dishes, and special holiday recipes. I am pretty picky about only keeping recipes that are really great. Otherwise, my binders get cluttered up with recipes that are only so-so that I may never make again!

  4. Love the green! I have my go to recipes in a 3 ring binder. I even recopy recipes from my cookbooks and put them in there if they are given family approval and will be repeats at our house.

  5. I too use a binder. All important recipes (handed down from family) have been typed up and saved on my computer. I then printed them out 3x5 and purchased some archival photo pages from the Container Store. I also have some full page inserts for things I clip out of magazines as well. What I love is pockets keep the recipes protected from splashes when we have them out cooking.

  6. I have a small red cookbook binder that holds two 4x6 cards on each page. I only put our favorite tried and true recipes in this book. When I try a new recipe my husband will tell me if it is "red book" worthy or not. I hand write all of the recipes and someday will send this little book along with my daughter when she leaves the nest.(sniff - glad that's not for a long time LOL)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  7. that came out so cute! I am a recipe-a-holic..love love trying new recipes..the keepers go into a binder that has dividers..have so many that I don't think a cute box would hold them all...

  8. BEST Cookbook ever: Pirates Pantry and/or Marshes to Mansions. Both on Amazon. Love, love, love them. Lots of Louisiana style dishes and seafood.

  9. I love the color you painted it...so great to make something just right for your taste!

  10. Genius! It's the little things that always end up to be my favorite projects! Love it!


  11. my husband's the cook in our family and so for his birthday i gifted him.. well i just went to look for it as williams sonoma and they no longer carry it... but it's a leather bound monogrammed recipe book where he can store his recipe cards, he doesn't each cheese, butter, or white condiments like sour cream or cream cheese so he substitutes a lot

  12. love it. i have my recipes in a binder but it is NOT pretty. i have been on the lookout for something more attractive.

  13. This is a much better idea than my 'waiting to be tried recipes' stuck on the fridge with magnets which looks a bit messy. Note to self keep eye out for cute little box!

  14. I use my iPad, with a cute little wooden easel I got from an art store.

    At the moment I get most of the recipes online (I use a lot from www.exclusivelyfood.com.au - their recipes always turn out great, and I have a knack for screwing up when baking!), but I'm planning to create some of my favourite ones as PDFs and load them into iBooks.

    Also, pro tip - when your hands are dirty from cooking, you can also use your nose or elbows to scroll on the screen ;-)

  15. i also use a binder. i typed up all my recipes in powerpoint so each page looks the same and it was easy to rearrange. [you can move an entire page around in powerpoint with a click-n-drag as opposed to word which is copy & paste and potential for formatting chaos.] i didn't put them in sheet protectors, however. i constantly make notes on them plus splashes of food show me how much i use the recipe! ;-) one thing i loved is that i pulled out the recipes i use from my cookbooks [since you really only use 4 or 5 from each book, right] and then was able to get rid of all the books. yea for purging! when i find a new recipe, it makes the book after i've made it a couple of times and decide it's a keeper.

  16. Love your recipe box...really pretty and so practical on the counter ;} I use several ways to store/retrieve my recipes and here's a post about it. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta


  17. I love your recipe box! Very cute!! I use a binder with sheet protectors at home so that I can just slip printed recipes in it. I also just started using a ziplist.com. It's really a grocery list website, but they allow you to store your recipes in a virtual recipe box and when it comes time to make your grocery list it will pull all the ingredients from your saved recipe into the grocery list for you! Love it!!


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