Friday, September 9, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Pot Scrubber

If you caught our Homemade cleaners post yesterday you might have already seen today's flowers, it's our flowery pot scrubber.
With kitchen sponges being so expensive I thought I would try my hand at making my own. And as long as I'm making them, I might as well make it super cute too.

I used this tutorial on how to crochet flowers:

I made four flowers in different sizes, sewed them all together and I was left with an adorable pot scrubber.

I used leftover scraps of yarn, so it was free :)


  1. I LOVE this - I'm always looking for little hostess gifts and this along with a bottle of dish soap is WONDERFUL!!! Love it - thank you!!

  2. I so wish I'd learned to crochet and Granny tried, but she was a righty, I a lefty. That is adorable. My mil crochets/knits dish rags!

  3. That really works?! Did you sew something scratchy to the bottom? And it looks good now, but what does it look like after you use it? I'm just amazed.

  4. I would love it, if that could simply replace my brillo!

  5. I didn't sew anything scratchy onto the bottom. It can't replace steel wool, if you have something really difficult to get off this won't cut it! I use it more as a sponge. People use crochet dish towels all the time, it's kind of like that :)But Cuter!

  6. That is so cute! I've heard of people crocheting the netting bag that citrus fruits come in to make scrubbers. I wonder if it would work for the flower scrubbers.


  7. Cute! My great aunt crochets pot scrubbers like that, using strips of tulle (probably a lot like the netting bags Lisa mentioned). They work really well for scrubbing the hardcore gunk!

  8. That would make a great accent to a cute purse, or a hair band . . but I don't see it as a pot scrubber. I am a person who appreciates (greatly) your creativity and organization and economical ways, but think the pot scrubber is stretching it a little, into the realm of . . a bit much! Bet it looks pretty by your sink though.


  9. I've had a similar scrubby that I purchased at a craft show for a while now. It was made by cutting strips of toule and using it like yarn. The scrubby works great and is very easy to clean and reuse. It comes in lots of colors so you could make an entire bouquet of scrubbies! I enjoy your blog... thanks for sharing!

  10. Nice scrubber! so cute! I'll be encourage to scrub with this one!


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