Friday, September 23, 2011

Flowers on Friday: Apology Edition

So I'll set the scene, it's 5pm Friday evening, I'm waiting for Lee to get home from work.
One hour later . . . still waiting so I call his cell phone, it rings for a while and goes to voicemail. I'm a little worried but not too concerned, it's not totally unusual for Lee to come home around 6pm.
Another hour passes, I call his cell again . . .  again he didn't answer, that's not like Lee usually he'll either answer right away or call back soon after. NOW I'm worried.

Long story short by the time he made it home, just past 8:30pm, I had already planned his funeral, was wearing black and ready to start my life over as a widower (I move fast).

 About 3 weeks ago friends of ours asked Lee to help them replace their old powder room sink and toilet. Lee totally forgot to tell me, in fact he forgot it was this Friday he was suppose to help. He left his phone in the car so he didn't hear my calls. But in his words "I knew I was in trouble when I saw 7 missed calls from Home".

So on his way home he picked up, sorry I left my phone in the car roses :)  and sorry I forgot to tell you in the first place, flowers. I was able to make two pretty bouquets out of them!
Don't tell Lee but I was just plain HAPPY he wasn't hurt that I didn't even need flowers . . . like I said don't tell Lee that!

On the plus side our friends new powder room is more eco-friendly with their dual flush toilet and their sink looks great! :)

Anyone received apology flowers lately??


  1. Oooh Ashli, what absolutely gorgeous bouquets :-)

  2. I haven't received ANY kind of flowers lately!
    Maybe Lee can flick an email through to my hubby - show him how it's done ;)
    Vicky Sweet x

  3. Oh I hate the 'why are they late?' 'why aren't they answering?' feeling. I always make it worse by wanting to call a cell phone, and then irrationally thinking that THAT might cause an accident that never would have happened if I weren't worried about there having been an accident and deciding to call... I move fast (and think too much) too!

  4. Ok...I am sorry, but I had to laugh...
    "I had already planned his funeral, was wearing black and ready to start my life over as a widower (I move fast)."
    If it is any consolation...I would have done the same thing!!! Oh, and maybe sent out a search party.

    Love the bouquets...I got pink roses the other day-more a pick me up, sorry I haven't been spending a lot of time with you because I am swamped at work bouquet! LOL

  5. Phew that Lee is safe! I would also worry like that.

    I once owed my bf sorry-for-not-calling/picking-up-the-phone flowers. We were new to this city, and accidentally chose an apartment in a really bad area (it wasn't even cheap, boo!). So since I commute by train, the agreement was that he would drive to pick me up from the main station whenever I get home late. I had called him when I was an hour away, but then a friend started asking me a question so I hung up before he answered. I figured he would see the missed call and get back to me later. Well, he did. Like 11 times in the 1.5 hours, plus texts. But I just didn't know because I had it on silent. I am phone-dumb and don't usually have it on silent, but this was an exception because I was at a conference. He was freaking out! When I finally noticed and picked up his call, his voice was shakey and he was in near tears. He had been driving around our neighbourhood and the train station to try to find me.

    I wish I were armed with flowers then. But I'm not as smooth as Lee. ;)

  6. Aw! Those flowers are gorgeous, but I'm glad your hubby is ok. It is such a scary feeling! I'm so paranoid so when my husband doesn't answer after the first few tries I start to freak out pretty fast! He's always ok, but it doesn't stop me from getting that feeling.

  7. Aww, I'm glad it turned out okay. I would have called a LOT more than 7 times!

  8. Honey, you need to write an advice book for most of us on how to pick such a great guy. He's late, after Helping People, and he brings a huge bunch of roses! So, glad he's fine and that you got such a lovey gift for being worried. I'd be worried too, he couldn't be replaced!

  9. My bf refuses to ever buy me apology flowers because then it'd take away from the "buys me flowers just because" cause. I still wouldn't mind apology flowers :( lol.

  10. Good for Lee to apologize like that! A couple weeks ago my husband was over an hour late and wasn't answering his cell. I'd started to figure out how to go on as a widow with 3 kids aged 4 and under and how I could sell our house (we live in the country and I wouldn't want to be way out here without him) when he drove up. He'd been visiting with a neighbor and left the phone in the car. I didn't get apology flowers (it's a long way back to town) but I did get an apology. I don't think guys really understand how easy it is to freak us out!

  11. :) Laughing here as I do exactly the same... " I had already planned his funeral, was wearing black and ready to start my life over as a widower (I move fast)."
    I used to get flowers every now and then, but after we started to have same journey to work I havent' got any...hmm need to point that out to him....
    You did good with the flowers!


  12. Gorgeous :-) I'm afraid to say that I've been the one in the past to forget to tell my better half something, or run late and not hear my phone going off. It's a shame there are no florists open late in Perth!

  13. Very pretty!

    I can't remember what he did wrong, but I did receive apology flowers about a month ago. It's funny how those things are so important at the time, but you forget what was the big deal later on. lol

    I hear ya though about the not telling where they are! I hate it when Andy forgets to tell me, it's very scary. :(

  14. I just discovered your blog off of a pin on Pinterest. I am very excited to see what else you've got in store!

  15. Glad to know I'm not the only one who overreacts like that when my husband can't be reached on the phone. Whew!:p


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