Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turning the Page on Organization

Before I married Lee I had a few different jobs, but no matter what job I had I always used a planner. Because I worked outside the home almost all of my calendar appointments only affected me. After I became a housewife I kept a strong hold on my planner but writing something in my planner only to  write it down again on a "family calendar"  didn't make much sense. Besides I don't really need to plan my day out hour by hour anymore . . . 11:00 am Meeting with Dishes, 12:00pm board meeting with vacuum :) (although I have been known to advocate running your home a bit like a business, this is not what I meant :)

So, now that we share a calender, I needed a place to post our it where Lee can see it, but also a place that's easy to remove and take to my desk.
Enter . . . the Mead flip folder (bought at TARGET). It's perfect. The magnetic top lets me keep it on the fridge for easy viewing, and easily removed it so I can take it to my desk and make "the plans"

In the top folder we keep our calendar, on the back we keep next months calendar.

In the second folder I keep our meal plans for two weeks! Lee especially liked this option because he likes to know what's for lunch the next day :)

There is a third folder and I think I'll be using it for our blog post ideas! I'm not quite sure yet :) But it's nice to know I have options!

If we had kids this third folder would be perfect for sports or school schedules!!
This is just one of those products I find super useful! I'm a write it down kind of girl, so this is right up my alley, and now Lee can see how our month looks, so no more "awe . . . I didn't know we had to go to blah blah's house tonight, I hate blah blah, and her annoying blah!" Just kidding!!! :)

** I was in no way compensated for this post!!! I just really love our new calendar!


  1. I saw these recently at Target. They have such great calendars. I love how you organized yours.

  2. I think I need to do some more meal planning!

  3. I love this idea! I think I need to go to Target!!! :)

  4. That looks great! You're always so on top of things!

  5. You really know how to run a home!!!! I love that calendar!

  6. This is good. I have only one calendar and I cant remember to check it even for myself. I must do better.

    Great idea.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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  8. Good idea, I might add our shopping list too on that folder.

  9. Oops! I am going to try this idea because my cozi site just has me spending too much time on line. I really love the fact that your hubs can see whats for lunch. My sweetie has Lupus and this would be a great way for me to keep up with our many appointments and medications that need refilling.
    BTW I also make lunch daily for Shan. Maybe you can share the things you put in your hubs lunch because I have found that I'm making the same things over and over.Thanks in advance!~Meme

  10. Love this idea! We have a family calendar on the frig (one Elie made us on Shutterfly), but I like the idea of having the meal plans too. With Volleyball now in full swing I am really trying to plan ahead!

  11. LOVE it.......gonna head to Target to get one :)

  12. I love writing things down too! Crossing off lists brings me immense joy. LOL!! I love the Knock Knock magnetic All Out Of lists.

  13. Great idea! Do you have a link or pdf of your meal plan page? I would love to see how you organize it.


  14. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing! I will incorporate this once basketball season goes to full swing. Thank you!!! Please continue to let us peak into your organized brain of yours.

  15. Matt and Erin,
    I'll take some photo's for Monday for you!!!
    Lots of love

  16. love that it can be removed at any time even when guests are coming over.....great organizing tips as usual. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  17. I loved it. I have my calendar on the fridge but with this flip folder is great. I'll buy one when I move to Canada. =)

    btw, your blog is amazing. I've been following you since you feature on jen's blog (IHeart Organizing).

    Tricia (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  18. This is such a great idea. I keep writing out to do lists each week and menu plans and it makes the fridge look messy and isnt really clear on what jobs I want done and by when. I like the calender look and being able to cross through the whole weekend for jobs (because realistically that's how long they take between sleep ins and shopping trips!). Such a domestic godess aren't you :)

  19. I LOVE this idea. It looks so much better than putting up several calendars/lists on the fridge. However, I live in California and looked up the "Mead Flip FOlder" and could not find it at Target (or on the Mead site). DO you know the actual name of the product? I would love to pick one up!

    Thank you :)

    PS Did you put your own scrap paper in to make it look pretty or is that the design it came with?

  20. I also looked it up on the target website and the mead website and couldn't find anything either! But it was definitely at the Target in Bellingham, Washington!!
    I checked the tag it just says "organizer"
    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

    I didn't add any scrapbook paper, that's just how it came with the pretty pink flowers on top . . . I also think they had a gray one too??


  21. Such a great way to use the product! I haven't seen those before, but I think I am in love.


  22. I went to Target this evening and they had several of these organizers in stock. They are called Magnetic Fridge Filers, in the OrganizHer line by Mead. They cost $7.99 here in Tennessee.
    Thanks for this great post. I enjoy reading your blog!
    ~ Vida

  23. Thanks for the info Vida!!!
    I forgot what a great price it was!! $7.99 can't beat that :)

  24. Love this post! ;) Vida - thanks for posting the deets.

    I just wish my fridge front was magentic. It's supposedly stainless steel. lol...

  25. I hope I can find this folder at my Target. What a great/easy way to display the menu and calendar.

  26. I like that calendar..those clips on the side that hold the plastic sheet they really hold it well? How is it attached to your frig? magnet strips on back? We usually buy one that we use on the frig..but this year we couldn't find it at Staples. Somebody gave me a 2012 calendar so I've copied the month of January on my computer printer and will stick it in same old calendar holder till I find something better. Do you mind sharing where you found yours?

  27. They hold really Well!!! It is attached to the fridge with a bar magnet!!! I just print calender pages off of the internet. I google FREE CALENDER PRINT OUTS and just pick one that comes up!!
    Hope that helps a bit!
    Lots of Love

    1. Ashli, how funny is that, I just bought that same Organizher calendar holder and I was planning to place it in the wall before I noticed it has a magnet and that I could just place it in the fridge as well. My only issue is that I got frustrated with their site.
      If you go to, they have the templates for this calendar (or at least that is what they say) but none of them are landscape format so I can't use any of them. How retarded is that? Why they do something that won't work for their products?? lol
      I ended up doing my own in Power Point.

  28. By the way, I did my own weekly meal plan sheets in Power Point but the calendar I got from:

    It is such a lovely montly calendar :)



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