Monday, August 8, 2011

Meal Plan Monday: Paperwork

On Thursday we "Turned the page on Organization" and I received a few questions about where to find the calendar and meal planning printouts . . . It's from THE PROJECT GIRL *   If you pop over there you'll see some of the BEST printouts (ssshhhh . . . and they're free) That's right I said THEY'RE FREE!
Here's the link to the Meal Planning printout I use . . .everyweek! Over the years I've tried a few different sheets to plan meals THIS ONE is by far the best one!! I love that it has a spot to write down your grocery list, right under your meal plan. That way if the store is out of something, or you spot a great deal it's easy to make a quick change out.

Here's how our week looks:

I base our meals on what's in the sale flyers each week, and this month it's even more important because proporty tax was due, and forking over that kind of cash (especially to the government) hurt me . . . deeply :)
Cream cheese is on sale at Walmart so cream cheese and bagels for breakfast it is :)

Monday's is a busy day for me, so a simple dinner of Sandwiches. Lee LOVES Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches with saurkraut and grainy mustard, on RYE.
And Friday is a sunny fun day so we're having some Natural Smokies and the World's best potato salad!! (the next time I make my "Famous" Potato Salad I'll take some photo's and share the recipe . . . promise!)

So that's our week!
Today's a 2 post day, I'm sharing "THE BEST RECIPE IN THE WORLD" **according to Lee! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm going to try it out :)


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