Monday, August 29, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes everywhere and not a one to spare

The cobbler's children have no shoes and this baker ate no cupcakes haha

We had a super busy weekend, baking up a storm over here . . . Wedding Cupcakes. Although I would much prefer a baking storm to Hurricane Irene, hoping all of you are safe and sound!

Since they were all white cupcakes I wanted to display them on a bright stand, but spending $20+ on something to display cupcakes was not really an option. A simple white stand is worth the investment, but something crazy that might only get used a few times in it's life isn't.
So, a trip to a second hand store to look for some lonesome, one of  a kind dishes was in order.
I think that when shopping secondhand you have to keep your options open, and that's exactly how we snagged these flower dishes and hideous cups for $6. I had originally planned to buy one large dish and three smaller dishes but when I found this little set I couldn't pass it up!

A tube of silicone and 12hour drying time later the cups were stuck to the plates,

And we had a cupcake stand :)

Add some white wedding cupcakes,

 a little banner and it's complete.

The cupcakes were rainbow sprinkle, with white icing, and little fondant flowers. I wish the pictures did them justice, but the white on white on white doesn't really show up well on camera (kind of like me haha).

I hope you liked our $6 cupcake stand as much as I do! It's funny because we made it to save money on something we didn't plan on using often, but I want to use it all the time now :)

Total Cost: $6 for plates and cups
                   Tube of silicone FREE (left over from another project) but if you don't already had a tube lying around it's another $4!
I think this project would be great with some mismatched plates and some candle holders in between, or super cute coffee mugs! It was so easy!! I hope you'll try it!
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  1. Super cute! And, the cupcakes look delicious. I sometimes use scrapbook paper to dress up my plain white cake plate.

  2. Brilliant idea! and I'm seriously impressed with the cupcake icing!

  3. Super cute Ashli! Are they all glued together or just stacked?

    Many Blessings,

  4. Very cute! Cupcakes look delicious too!

  5. Once again you outdid yourself. BOTH the cupcakes AND the stand! Amazing!

  6. Absloutely beautiful!!

    Would love a tutorial (with detailed and in depth directions fitting for a two year old, and photos every step of the way, please):) the next time you decorate cupcakes like that! HOW do you get thae frosting to look SO PRETTY?? Whenever I try to make flowers or swirls they look all mushy and blobbly and VERY amateur.


  7. Pretty! I bet they were yummy too!

  8. So, so pretty....the stand and the cup cakes!!

  9. They are all siliconed together! I didn't want to risk any toppling :)
    I will definitely do a step by step cupcake icing post the next time I make cupcakes :)

  10. Soooooo cute! There is nothing I enjoy more than hitting the thrift store and since I only work 3 days a week I usually have time to hit one or 2 a week. Love finding the unique items and treasuring them.

    Your little stand is thrifty at it's best!

  11. That is really cute and as I love to bake cupcakes, I might try to build such a nice cupcake stand for the next occasion... *it's my daughter's birthday very soon ...*

  12. That is so cute! I think the one you put together is cuter than the stands you could find at the store. Love it!

  13. Wow, that is totally adorable!
    Also, I want a cupcake.


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