Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organized Closet LOVE

Finally, after 8 months of living in "The NEW Manor" I've organized my walk in. I blame . . . I have no one to blame :( 

I'm so glad it's finally done, it's so nice to have an organized closet again!

Reasons to organize your closet:
1) Easier to find things (because we could all use an easier morning routine)
2) Saves you money, if you already know what's in your closet you'll be less likely to buy doubles (just ignore the 45 pairs of black stilettos I have)
3) If all of your accessories are easy to find you'll wear them more! Making that cost per wear ratio go way down!
4) It'll look Nice and you'll feel Great every time you walk in!

You Might Need to organize your closet if, your like me and all these things happen to you too:
1) You have an over stuffed closet and have nothing to wear!
2) If you find yourself buying doubles because you don't know what's in your closet
3) If you store things in your closet that aren't suppose to be there . . . like camping gear, Christmas decorations . . . or your 35 year old husband's high school football gear . . . seriously!
4)If you're closet is so stuffed you can't pull out one item without pulling out other stuff with it!
5)Half of what you have in your closet doesn't fit.
6) Finding something to wear in the morning is stressful!!

In the middle of our closet is where I store my purses, my boots, and inside the drawers is where I store my bras and undies. Underneath I keep out of season clothes in the two fabric bins.

Shoes . . . oh man I LOVES my Shoes! As much as I wanted beautiful built in shelves for my babies shoes it simply wasn't in the budget so I went with expandable metal racks. They work great! We picked these ones out from Amazon.

I have a space for LONG hanging:

On the right I have sweaters and other winter clothing on the top.

Pants and skirts on the bottom.

On the left I have my in season tops, so right now it's tank tops and pretty cardigans.

and below is my summer outerwear. Light jackets and thin sweatshirts!!

It's so nice to have my closet in order. It's nice to know that everything in there fits and is in good repair and generally it's just nice to be in there!


  1. Your closet is so lovely! How I aspire to have one like yours one day:)

  2. Looks great! Its amazing how an organized closet can make your morning so much easier.

    Take Care!

  3. I need to give a clean sweep to my closet. Last time I did it, I found out I wore a whole lot of black. Time to check if I need to buy me some more color.

  4. Love it! I recently went through our walk-in as well and organized it as best as I could. Just this part weekend I went through and got all the winter clothes out... yes... I know it's July lol.
    A few months ago I made a laundy hamper storage unit that works wonders for keeping dirty clothes organized and in their place. Check it out if you get a min.

  5. Love it! Ha, noticed poor Lee got the "boot"!!! We recently weeded through ours. Now it is on to the finishing touches. Looks great Ashlie!!

  6. Wow- that's a serious shoe collection! :) As always, I'm inspired by your organization. I've been wanting to tackle our closet for a long time so recently I decided to start picking up things here and there to move along. It's slow going, but eventually we'll get there!

  7. Love your shoe collection!!! Your post almost makes me want to go home and organize my closets. Almost.

  8. Looking at your closet totally inspires me! I want to be just like you...organized and stylish!

    One thing I do is keep an extra bin lined with a trash bag in the back of my closet for clothes I want to donate. I started doing this in my children's closets and then after finding it so effective, started doing it in my own. When one gets full I lift it out and take straight to my car for donation.

    I love your blog....Thanks!

  9. I did a closest post too!

    Of course, this is 1/10 of my wardrobe, the other 9/10 is in storage in the USA until we decide to move back home. Packing 4 seasons worth of clothes into 1 suitcase for a year is hard work!

  10. Oh wow this looks so fantastic it must be a dream to get dressed now. I had my wardrobe built in but there wasn't going to be room for my ever growing shoe collection so I've converted the hallway cupboard into my very own shoe cupboard! You can check it out here

  11. did you just buy a bunch of those shoe racks and stack them?

  12. Ok, I now have closet envy... I have a large walk-in closet but need to get organized. It is the only closet in the house so I will need to get creative in how I organize.

  13. Oh, this looks great as well!! I am super excited to clean out some of the junk in my closet!!

  14. This has totally motivated me to get my closet in shape!!

  15. It looks great, Ashli! Did I catch that there were TWO racks of shoes?! Love it!

  16. So inspired that I ACTUALLY did it!

  17. Girl... you've got a lot of shoes!! :-) Love the metal rack to (display) organize them on. Perfect! Everything is perfect actually!!

  18. Do you have a shoe fetish? Do you ever get rid of any when you tire of them? Looks like you have a pr. of shoes for every day of the month!

  19. I do have a serious shoe fetish! I definitely have more than enough to wear a pair everyday for a month, I could probably get away with a different pair everyday for 3 months :)
    I do get rid of some if they've become worn out or if they are very out of style, but in general I LOVE having options! I pick my shoes out first and then pick the outfit! :)
    Lots of Love

  20. Absolutely love it!!!

  21. I need to give a clean sweep to my closet. Last time I did it, I found out I wore a whole lot of black. Time to check if I need to buy me some more color.

  22. Love your shoe collection!!! Your post almost makes me want to go home and organize my closets. Almost.


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