Friday, July 22, 2011

Flowers on Friday!

Just a little pink bouquet for today!!
 We'll be spending the weekend organizing our closets and hopefully organizing a fabulous giveaway for everyone next week!!!
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!!

p.s. The book is "Chick Days" by Jenna Woginrich, it's a great book about raising chicks!! Not that we have chickens . . . maybe one day :)


  1. Looks lovely and flowers just look so pretty no matter where they are. Oh, you'll be so busy this weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Gorgeous bouquet! I think I might cut a couple stalks and bring them in! Can't wait to read up on your busy weekend of organizing! I just posted my weekend to-do list! Hope hubby and I can get it all done! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi - just came across your blog and I love it. I was trying to subscribe via email, but when I click subscribe, I keep getting an error message. Can you help? Also, Jenna Woginrich is the sister of one of my past student teachers! Small world.

    Love your house! You also post a lot of great recipes. Can you post some more?

    Take care!

    Shannon in PA

  4. Love the little bouquet (I posted a couple of ours yesterday). Love the pop of purple. Can't wait to see your closets so I can steal your ideas!! LOL

  5. Hi Anon~
    Thank you I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!!
    Maybe it was just a glitch in the subscriber! I just tried it out and it worked, but if you're still having trouble shoot me an email and I'll set it up for you :)
    Also I can definitely add more recipes :) Look for them on Mondays!!!!
    p.s. Small world indeed! I'm a huge Jenna Woginrich fan!! too funny!

  6. love the bouquet. and as a southern girl, loving that mint julep cup~ one of the first items i purchased after getting married was a mint julep cup i immediately had engraved with my married monogram

  7. Still having trouble trying to become an email subscriber, though I'd rather not leave my email address here on your comments. Any suggestions?

    Shannon in PA

  8. Hi Shannon!
    I'm so sorry you're having trouble, I spoke to our IT guy and he says it's functioning proporly. Can you send me an email to: and I'll set it up for you?? If I have trouble I can just send it to our technology guy and he can figure it out!!

  9. I just discovered your blog from iheartorganizing and I am now a follower! Your house is GORGEOUS and I am so inspired to do some changes around my home now! Can you tell me where you purchased the magnetic birds in your entryway that hold your keys? I adore them! Thanks!

  10. So pretty! Can't wait to see the closet, want to help me with mine? :) It's hard to keep organized with its size and a ton of military gear! I'm sure you will inspire me to work on ours! Love your blog!

  11. haha Thanks Brittany!
    I'd love to help :)
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!
    Thanks for following
    Lots of Love

  12. We are also organizing and rearranging some things in our home . Can't wait to see what you get accomplished. Btw love the vase.


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