Thursday, June 9, 2011

Linen Closet Organized

Seriously, what is it about linen closets that make them junk magnets?? Maybe it's the fact that they are meant to hold sheets, and folding fitted sheets is horrible, and so it makes you give up on the whole closet?? who knows!
But I'm so excited to show you our newly organized linen closet, folded fitted sheets and all :)

If you missed our Linen Closet Progress post, here's what the closet looked like before:

And here's what it looks like after:

We painted the closet walls "Geyser" by Martha Stewart. I wanted something a bit darker and more dramatic. I love the way it looks with the wall color and the trim color. Painting the insides of closets is my favorite thing to do. It's such a surprise every time you open the door.

Lee installed solid shelves, I just like solid shelving better! We have wire shelving in our front hall closet and it works really well for shoes and dirty soles. But everything that's going into the linen closet is clean, so we had the option to choose more attractive shelving.
We ran wood around the perimeter of the closet, then cut the shelves to fit and screwed them into place.

We absolutely needed to make room for the vacuum. As much as I wanted to have pretty shelves with beautifully folded sheets and towels, filling the whole closet, we HAD to fit in the vacuum (function wins over beauty every time here) and lost a lot of space but we had no choice. We were able to squeak out  a bit more storage, Lee installed two small shelves just big enough to hold to baskets from Ikea. In the top basket is where I keep the "Fall/Winter" touches for around the house, the lamb skin throws and fuzzy blanket. And the bottom basket is where I keep all of the throw pillow covers, we have summer ones and winter ones and fall ones and since I started sewing we've had A LOT more :)

Under the baskets is Max's Crate, I was going to take it out for the picture but this is reality blogging and in reality we have to store his crate somewhere. Lee made sure to leave just enough space for the crate and the vacuum attachments.

I had a friend over the yesterday for coffee and she wanted to get "the inside scoop" on today's post, so I took her upstairs and showed her the linen closet and her reaction was "where are all your sheets?" So I thought you might be wondering the same. We only have 2 sets of bed sheets for our bed, our white organic sheets, and a set of organic flannel sheets for the winter (p.s. organic flannel is expensive, next time I might just opt for regular flannel :). I don't think we need anymore than that. Once a week I wash the sheets, then put them right back on (well, I really wait for Lee to get home so he can put the fitted sheet on for me :). We all have sheet sets in our linen closet sitting there getting musty, I like things simple and to me simple is 2 sets of sheets :) But I wouldn't go fewer than 2 sets in case of emergency, we've had to spend a hot summer night on flannel sheets before because Max thought grass was his main course for the night!

So there's our super duper newly organized linen closet.

*If you look at the top of the linen closet, there's a space for future quilts this amateur quilter (me) will be quilting :) Always Plan Ahead!! haha


  1. I totally agree about the # of sheet sets! But you have LOTS of extra pillows that I don't have. Great job though!!

  2. love neat and organized. I must ask, does it actually stay that way? Mine doesn't for very long.

    Im intrigued that you have various pillow covers to switch out for the seasons. ONly a few months ago I figured out my "pillow color scheme" for everyday, but I totally need to have some variation to add some spice to the house every now and then. Any tips on that?

  3. Very nice I must have an organized linen space as well.

  4. Love the closet - I'm a freak about my closets and making sure they are neat, tidy & organized...sometimes more so than the rest of the house LOL

    During your blog anniversary week, you had mentioned you may go into more depth about the reason you've decided to stay home - I was just curious if you were still going to post? I love staying at home but find I don't get a lot of support from family/friends...just curious if you get the same reaction? By the way, I think it's absolute fantastic that you are at home and see the value in making sacrifice to take care of what's most important :)

  5. It looks great Ashli! I love the color you chose to paint the interior. I too love a closet with walls other than white. I am the same way, no reason for 10 sets of sheets, we keep 2 for each room (ours and Kate's) and Elie has one for when she is home. All are the same size so we can always swap them around. I also have various pillow covers. I love being able to change them out with the seasons (linen for summer, velvet for winter).

  6. I agree on the sheets. I too wash them and put them back fresh that way :)

  7. Our house is over 100 years old and wasn't built with too many closets. :P We've opted to keep 2 sets of sheets per bed and store them in low rubbermaid bins under each bed in the house. It makes for a convenient bed changing experience if space is at a premium.

  8. Great job! I've been meaning to organize my linen closet as well -- I like the idea of making room for the vacuum but I'm not sure I can give up the space. I often read your blog and think we have much in common -- although I have several sheet sets I only have 4 bath towels for the same reasons you said. Maybe when I organize my linen closet I'll get rid of some sheets and make room for the Dyson. I'm definitely painting the inside!

  9. I love the color that you chose and I agree that the solid shelving looks so much prettier. =) I wish I had some solid shelving in my house! You and Lee make it look so easy to do. The closet looks great!

  10. I really hope I get the motivation to paint the inside of one of my closets soon because this looks great! It looks so much nicer than just a plain white closet. You are so creative. Thanks for posting!

  11. I really liked the idea of the smaller shelves to hold the baskets! Looks a lot better than just stacking Rubbermaids!

    I just have 1 set of sets for our bed...wash and put back on same day. I just have to remember to start the load 1st thing in the morning...cause this girl would never be up until midnight waiting for sheets to dry - never (haha!)

  12. Looks amazing!! I wish I had the space for this (ours is on an angle, and the angled shelves make it difficult to stack things...although less sheets would be a plus!! Maybe I could move those to the spare room closet...hmmm)

    Yet another example of why I'm passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to you! It'll be posted on my blog on Tuesday the 14th! I hope you check in, and pass it along yourself! Thanks for all the great organization ideas!

  13. Thanks Ladies,
    Ummm . . . The hope is that it will stay that way. Once we organize something it usually stays that way (no kids yet, I'm sure that will change) So we have every confidence that it will stay this way.
    As far as switching out pillow covers etc. . . In general we go darker for fall winter and lighter in summer spring. I'm planning on a post early fall :) When we go to switch out our pillows :)

  14. Really love your closet!! The one thing we missed when we built this house was there was no coat closet & therefor no place to put the vacuum. After seeing this I might need to remove a couple of lower shelves from the hall closet!

  15. These posts always make me giddy! Looks great! I am slowly working on removing all the stock wire shelving throughout the house to install white shelves as you did, looks so nice and clean! Great work you, as always!


  16. I love what you did with your closet, I, like Skooks above, also live in a home which is over 100 years old. Very few closets, and they all need a do-over, thanks for sharing this for some inspiration for others like me. I planned to paint mine as well and also make space for my vacuum! Great minds think alike, lol!

  17. I need to drop by more often Ashli... I need organizing inspiration!! Of course if our renovation was done I'd have lots of space to put things, but right now my home is chaos!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I love your idea of painting the inside of a closet differently from the outside walls. Very fun!

  18. LOVE it... I am making shelves to go in my closet... How do you get the boards in and in place???

  19. We cut them to fit the closet and then screw a screw or nail a nail into the top and down into the pieces of wood on the sides of the wall.
    Hope that helps


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