Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We bought a stairway to . . . . our couch :) Dog Stairs

Did you get the reference? "and she's buying a stairway to heaven", in this case I was buying a stairway to the couch . . . for Max.
Our little man is growing up old. It's so easy to forget he's getting older because he stays the same tiny size. hehe
At the ripe old age of 8 1/2 he's having trouble jumping onto the couch, and after a particularly bad spill last weekend we decided to get the little fella his own set of stairs. But pet stairs are not the prettiest of living room apparel. We has 3 choices, big wood ones, too heavy, and super slippery. Plastic ones with carpeted inserts (not going to happen, not in this house anyways), or plastic steps with their own little wool slipcover. We went with the slipcover ones :)
I liked the color of the wool cover, I liked that they were light and could be easily moved around, and I liked that they were fully covered so Max won't slip and I can remove the cover and wash it.

I half expected Max to walk past the stairs, give them a sniff, and jump on the couch, but I was pleasantly surprised, or unpleasantly surprised that he went straight up and down on them. Unpleasantly surprised because he really is getting old, he had a look of . . . finally!

The steps were more expensive then I originally thought, we bought ours from Canadian Tire for $40, but I saw the same set on Amazon for $29, but they weren't eligible for free shipping and with shipping the cost was about the same. I figure the cost of a broken doggy leg is much worse then the $40 for steps.
So there's our newest living room accessory, I think they're kind of cute, and Max is super cute using them :) But most of all we're happy he won't be hurting himself trying to get on and off the couch, but we are sad he's getting older :(


  1. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Max is just adorable! My dog can't jump up on the couch (he's too small) and I keep saying we need to get him some stairs. Those look great and fit right in with your decor.

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  2. Super cute Ashli! My mom just got a small dog and I suspect she'll have to get something similar so thank you for the head's up!

    Many Blessings,

    PS - I put a couple of pictures of him on my blog if you'd like to check him out...

  3. Oh I hear you Ashli. Tess is 11 and hesitates before jumping on the sofa. I can almost see her brain ticking over 'can I do it'?
    Suffice to say she gets a helping hand more and more.
    The stairs are terrific and Max sure looks like he is smiling and very proud of himself!

  4. Max is so adorable! He looks so cuddly and sweet. =]

  5. Max is precious and he still looks like a puppy! My boyfriend built my yorkie, Presleigh, stairs for the bed and she loves hers too :)

  6. He is just too cute, what precious boy. I always love it when you include him in your posts. It is wonderful you take such good care of him.

  7. So sweet! I love the stairs, they look great with your decor. Since Kylee isn't quite two, she manages just fine now...but will keep this in mind for years down the road. Oh, and she says "Max is still the cutest dog in blogland!!"

  8. How sweeeeeet! Max has a private entrance...and it matches the home decor. I'm sure he appreciates you thinking about him. You can see the happiness in his eyes!

  9. Ashleigh - it's hard when your fur babies start to age, isn't it? Question about your LR rug - where did you get it and is it a nylon, or natural fiber? The reason i ask in this pet post - is that we have pets, and i need a throw rug and want a light one like this but am afraid of the cleanup issue - how is that working for you?

  10. We had one of these for our dog a couple of years ago. It was a blessing for Minnie and Shera to still get up and down without help.

  11. Max is soo cute! The steps are very attractive and blend right in. I've been looking for some decent ones for my 3 pomeranians who are also getting too old for acrobatics. I'll check out the ones you mentioned on Amazon ~ Thanks!

  12. I bought exactly those stairs for my toy Shih Tzu (Sasha) but she never liked them. She was afraid of them and no matter how many times we tried to teach her how to climb up and down, she hated them. I had to throw them away because they were just taking space.


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