Monday, May 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Part.1 Paneling

It's done . . . and we LOVE it!
The Grand Total for the paneled wall was:
$49.00, not including paint because we already had the paint in the garage from the builders :)
But seriously, $49.00! That was the molding at 46 cents a foot, and 2 tubes of construction adhesive.
$49.00 took us from:

This was hands down the most impact I've ever achieved for $49.00

Another inexpensive huge impact part of the bedroom would be our New BED!!! $90 off Craigslist (including the slats :).  Actually the bed cost us -$60 :) We sold our old bed for $150 on craigslist and picked this one up the same day. I LOVED the simple, sort of farmhouse inspired look. If your looking for an inexpensive bed with a farmhouse look I couldn't recommend this one enough, WE LOVE IT! It's from IKEA it's their Lillesand Bed, and it's super affordable @ $149.00 for a Queen.
For the Window treatments I wanted to add a little texture, so woven grass roman blinds would be perfect, and VERY well priced. Our windows are fairly standard up stairs so finding blinds was easy. We found these woven grass Romans from Walmart for $20 each. I added white Ikea Lenda curtains at @$29.99 a pair. I cut the tab tops off of them and used clip on curtain rings (my new favorite item). We bought $6.99 curtain rods from JYSK.
The quilt on the end of the bed was made by me, it's the first quilt I ever made!! I used our old top sheet from our old sheet (the organic ones from Target). The squares were made from mostly reused pieces of fabric from around the house, I think the total cost for the quilt was under $10 :) I'll have a quilt tutorial coming up soon, I'm no master quilter but I'll share what I've learned :)

The Bedside lamps are Pharmacy Lamps from Canadian Tire. I don't love the bases, but I'm in LOVE the tops so I bought them! We have the same bedside tables as always, originally from Homesense!

I also snuck in a picture of our new alarm clock. It's a Sunrise Alarm Clock with Nature sounds. There's nothing I hate more then a Loud Beep Beep Beep in the morning, so we thought we'd try a sunrise alarm clock. 30 minutes before your alarm goes off the clock lights up gradually, and if that doesn't wake you up it's alarm is sounds of nature, you can pick chirping birds (our personal favorite) or a babbling brook (get ready to be late for work if you pick that one), I think there's a ribbiting frogs setting but that seems more like a good night setting??? The theory behind them is that it gives your body a more natural awakening.
Lee likes it, he says the chirping birds are a nice way to wake up, but the light doesn't do that much for him. Me . . . I could sleep through anything, so it doesn't really matter too me, Lee wakes me up. Or Max, nothing like stinky dog breath in your face to wake you up!

So there's part 1 of our master bedroom, we need a chair in the corner, some organization in the closets, eventually a fireplace!!! . . . eventually! But Part 2 should be coming soon, we're adding hooks and artwork and a chandelier, some closet organizers, the works :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a Fabulous Mother's Day!


  1. Great room. Very simple, spa like. I'm sure you smile upon entering.

  2. Love it! I'm glad you sourced the bed - even before I read that part I was planning to ask from whence it came :)

  3. Love the room so far Ashli! The paneled wall really makes a statement. I love the simplicity of it all. We are painting ours tomorrow, and I hope to simplify things a tad. You would both love living here...the birds wake us EVERY morning whether we like it or not!! We have a little cardinal (and he is little), but he has the healthiest set of lungs and loves to sit on our porch roof just outside my window.

  4. Very pretty, love the new wall! I need to get one of those alarm clocks, I was hating mine this morning. I like the idea of a gradual wake up call :)

  5. Love it Ashli! I've always wanted to do paneling in our house but we live in a cookie cutter house. Would you suggest I do it? My worry is that I will over-improve our house.

  6. Looks great! Love the contrast between the paneled wall and the amazing new bed! Quite a dramatic transformation!

  7. I love it, Ashli! Makes me want to get off my duff and get my master bedroom painted and decorated!

  8. Love the paneling and the drapes and shades are perfect. Everything is looking fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Wow! Love it! Great job, it looks so comfy and soothing.

  10. Absolutely lovely.

    And that paneling is absolutely the biggest $49 impact I have seen as well!


  11. Wow-za!! Will you do a paneled wall tutorial?! I'm totally pinning one of the images as an inspiration for my home. :)

  12. Um, wow. Thanks for the inspiration and doable ideas.

  13. Wow, that's gorgeous! And I love the bed. The paneling make the ceiling look higher also. Love it!!

  14. Love it!!! The paneled wall looks fantastic. Where'd you get your comforter/duvet cover? Boyfriend just suprised me with a similar set from Serena & Lily that I'd been obsessing over!

  15. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Yes, tutorial please!

  16. How about the night forgot to mention the night stands. I love them and must have!

  17. Ashli,
    You have outdone yourself this time!
    Everything looks gorgeous!
    Beautiful, yet simple
    What a gift you have!
    Thanks for sharing
    Good job!

  18. This looks fantastic! LOVE! Well done you guys :) Looks so custom and textured! LOVE!

  19. The panelling gives the room such character - love it!

  20. Love the impact it has on the room....yes more information on installing the panel wall apart from the timber and construction adhesive. Did you meaure your wall and divide evenly by a certain wide is your timber etc. spaces in between top and bottom...just moving into a new house next month and I would love to do something similar in my bedroom. Looks great. Also the clips for the curtain are they ikea as well - I'm sure you have posted before but can't remember where. Great job I was keen to jump onto the computer today to see the reveal. Kathy A (Brisbane, Australia)

  21. Fantastic! This looks amazing, and I love that you sourced everything (I am loving those lamps!).

  22. Adore what you have achieved!
    The whole room has been transformed, it's gorgeous.

    I need to move to Canada, the prices we pay in Australia are criminal, so I'm always in awe of the terrific bargains you can source Ashli.

  23. WOW!!!!!
    What a bargain.
    Then again you entire home is amazing

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  24. THANK YOU!!!!
    Tutorial to come soon! I think I might get Lee to write it, he's better at technical explanations then I am :) I'm more, I like the feel of the room, and things like "add texture" haha

  25. It looks amazing!!! Great idea to add the paneling!

  26. OMG, that transformation is astounding! What a gorgeous addition to your bedroom. I also really like the new bed with the wall. Great job! :)

  27. Thanks I totally forgot to source the Comforter! It came from Homesense, so that's not a huge help because every homesense has different stock!!!

  28. I. Want. This. Room. !!!!!!
    Can you please come to my home and do it for me?? :)

    Love it!!

  29. What a beautiful room. I love the wall. Thanks for joining the party. I hope to see you again next time too. I'll be featuring this.

  30. This is amazing! I'm super impressed that you did this for under $50! How long did it take you to complete? And did you cut the wood yourself or have the store cut it?

  31. Do you have a tutorial for the paneled wall? Sorry if I've missed it!

  32. Hi Rachel,
    Here's the link:

    Hope that helps

  33. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  34. HI!! I have just seen your awesome photos as I had just recently bought the same bed as you (stilled boxed) and have been wondering if I needed an actual box spring or not! I love what you have done to your room!! And very much like the look of your lamps! I see that you did your homework with the best pricing and quality, so you'll be thrilled as I am that I found your lamps for $52.00 on sale!! Yay!! ::)) Thank you for sharing!!! ::)) Very inspiring!! ::))

    1. That's great $52 is a great price!!!!
      No you don't need a boxspring for the bed as long as you bought the slats that go with the bed!!!
      You can add a boxspring if you'd like, but we just used our mattress! I don't like it when the bed is too high! ;)
      Hope that helps
      Congrats on your lamp score!!


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