Thursday, May 26, 2011

Linen Closet Progress

I'm made some good progress on the linen closet yesterday!
Here's where we started:

Here's after shelf supports:

With Shelves and paint (Martha Stewart's Geyser):

With luck it will be raining this weekend  and we can finish up, it needs a few more shelves, and a spot for the vacuum (easier said then done, finding a spot for the vacuum and still making good use of the space in the linen closet isn't super easy).


  1. Love the MS blue and the trimwork. We have a huge closet rod system to install, but I'm waiting 'till I'm off for the summer.

  2. Wow, can you come to my house next?! I have a couple closets needing your kind of attention! Janell

  3. I hate my wire shelves too. This is looking so good. I noticed your door casing too. I ripped all my builder grade stuff out and did install new just like yours, without the top piece. I am going to copy!

  4. loving the bold colour inside the linen cupboard and yes, those pesky vacuum cleaners are a storage nightmare. Moving houses in 4 days time so I'm surrounded by boxes, boxes and more boxes but looking forward to my new home and the decorating to come. Your blog has kept me inspired and I have lots of ideas and can't wait to get started. Look forward to your reveal. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane Australia

  5. I needed shelving above my washer and dryer with limited space and a washer lid that opened at the top. My Husband cut a grove into the shelve and I could open my washer and still have a shelf. Just thinking of your vacuum and if it is an upright you might do something similar?

  6. Great progress, love the color that you choose.

  7. It looks great! Love the color you chose. I need to clean ours out, and make some room for some new items.

  8. This looks like a show piece all by itself! Awesome job!

  9. Great job, love the color that you choose.


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