Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Potting Soil!

If you missed our houseplant tour from around the Manor you can catch it here. The reason I bring up the 'ol houseplant tour, is because all those houseplants need soil. We like to keep a good supply of potting soil on hand, so the question was how to store it!
We use to buy it in the big bags from home depot and until now would just store it in the bag, leaned up against a wall. But we've recently discovered that it's much cheaper to buy potting soil by the bucket full from our local nursery!
Long story short here's how we store our potting soil:
White garbage can from Ikea.
The Stainless Steel Scoop comes from Lee Valley.
We also have smaller white garbage cans for our salt during the winter, and our bird seed during the spring and summer :)


  1. cool! You're so neat and organized!

  2. Genius idea! I love this for salt and soil. So much nicer and easier than half opened bags spilling everywhere.

  3. I have a rather large tin for ours, but this would be much better. Will be making a trip to Ikea soon!

  4. Bird seed should be given sparingly in spring and summer when insects and natural (growing on plants) foods are plentiful. The babies need to learn to be birds and forage for themselves with human provided seeds as treats.
    In the fall and winter bird feeding should increase as many bird populations here in the Pacific Northwest are year-round dwellers and the natural food is in short supply.
    This applies especially for Anna's hummingbirds who don't get much nectar in the winter. A mahonia planted in your little yard will provide blooms in winter that those little birds love. Get yourself a hummingbird feeder and hang it outside your kitchen window, they'll come all year around!


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