Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cord Labels!

Our "home entertainment corner" has one very overwhelmed power outlet! So we Lee decided we needed to get all those cords in order, and we I knew just what to do.

I picked up these little cord labels for $0.99 (we bought ours from an outlet store, but the container store carries them too). Since we have so many wires and they're all black we wanted to make sure we grabbed the right cord at the right time.

Each little plastic cases has a little cardboard picture inside. We've got, the TV, DVD, Reciever, Computer, and internet modem.

Lee bought the special Surge Protector Power Bar, this is important because:
"it will filter out any power spikes that could damage your equipment" ~says Lee
It costs around $40 but could save you hundreds on your replacement costs. . .  safety first! (I'm a dork)

This is one of those Bonus Points projects from around the house, not a must do, but a nice to have done sort of project :)
I'm outside in the yard today, and Lee will join me after work, pop back tomorrow for the worlds smallest backyard update! hehe


  1. What a cool idea, I am in IT at my work and these would be helpful for our users.

  2. Don't ya just love all those cords?? Great way to keep them organized. Can't wait to see what you've been up to in the yard!!

  3. Brilliant! My husband will be so glad to hear about these, he hates a messy jumbled tech area and this would help him organize it better. He thanks you. :)

  4. very cool..also just saw someone who did the same thing with those hard plastic bread bag ties...wrote on them with sharpie..genius!

  5. We so need to do this! Thanks for the reminder!


  6. These are awesome. Love your ideas!


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