Monday, March 7, 2011

Our STOVE!!!

A major part of our meal plan's involves cooking the food! hehe
And I'm so happy to be sharing our Stove with you! It's the first time I've ever owned a gas stove and having owned one for 3 months now . . . . . I would NEVER go back! I LOVE our stove!

We picked this Five Star model because I really wanted a professional grade stove, and I love the simplicity of this one. You have everything you need in this stove and Nothing More. Just about anything that can go wrong with it can be fixed easily, It's heavy duty, and it's meant to last!
We debated getting a high end residential gas stove, or getting a mid range professional grade stove. We spoke to a lot of dealers and did a lot of research and are very happy with our choice.

We got a great deal on the stove too. We bought it from Coast Wholesale Appliances. I found it for full price at one of their locations and fell in love, but it was way out of our price range.
I thought I would check their other location and found the same stove on sale, but still it was still out of our budget. But a quick walk through their As-Is section and I found the same stove for . . . . .$1400. Bought it on the spot and drove is home in my Ford Escape (it fit in by a hair).
The reason it was on sale was because it was a return after it was dented in delivery. Here's the dent:
It's around  the handle, you can't even notice it, and in the end we saved well over $1500 on the stove of our dreams.

Plus, I couldn't resist those big knobs:

*Painting the staircase molding went really well this weekend! Look for pictures tomorrow! * There's nothing like spending hours doing work that no one but you would really notice :)


  1. We converted our cooktop to gas this past summer, and I too will NEVER go back. It cooks so much better!!

  2. Looking good, what a great deal...because of a ding! Janell

  3. I miss cooking with gas - I have an electric range and it's just not the same. Enjoy your new stove!

  4. I'm so happy you found a great stove at a great price! my husband and I got an AS IS high-end dishwasher at $350 off retail because of a dent. We got it home and my husband pushed the dent right out!

  5. She's a BEAUT! Fantastic deal :) Must be fun cooking and baking with her!! Hope your week is lovely!

  6. What a steal! Your stove looks great! I love those big knobs too :)

  7. It's gorgeous!!! I'm a bit jealous! :)

  8. I'm glad you are so happy with the new stove. Thats a great price too, well done!

  9. Gorgeous! simply....Gorgeous!

  10. Looks great. What is the brand name?

  11. Gorgeous stove!! What I'm really curious about is how do you clean the top of yours? If it's the same type of "silver" top as mine I find the area all around the burners discolours from the gas and from splashes of oil/water/cooking food and I think it's a permanent patina. I know I should embrace that but we paid over $5K for our Fischer Paykel and I can't help but think it should be spotless. And the grates too. I find that since they are rough there's bits of the dishcloth fibres left behind once I wipe them down. Totally frustrates me. We did a reno that finished in Oct. You can see the stove here.... any suggestions on cleaning it?

  12. i am SO Jealous - of your house, your kitchen, your STOVE :) and the fact that you could just spend $1400 on the spot, lol

  13. Nalini- The brand is Five Star

    Charlene- Our stove top is actually black, it's baked on ceramic coating, it's super easy to clean. I've heard of people using oven cleaner to clean the top making anything splattered or burnt on easier to clean off. I would test it in an inconspicious spot first :) Other then that I'm not sure what you could do, seems like a pickle to me. I would be totally frustrated too!

  14. i love the stove and i noticed the hand towel holder- where did you get that??

  15. Thanks Cindy,
    The hand towel holder on the cabinet door is from Target! They're great the Perfect size for kitchen towels :) I've also seen them in Bed Bath and Beyond!
    Hope that helps

  16. great! darn my MIL just went to buffalo this weekend, i should have asked her, but will check bb and beyond. i just don't love hanging my dish towels on the dishwasher or stove handles.
    ps. your blog inspires me!


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