Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laundry Room Part 1

First of all, Sorry about the no post yesterday, we were busy trying to squeeze Lee into the attic. As for the electrical plug in the hallway, turns out Lee doesn't fit into the attic, his shoulders can't clear the hole in the ceiling. Although at this point that's the last of my worries, now if there is any reason to go into the attic it will be my job . . . . eeeek! Lee's our resident handy man, I am not a handy woman! Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong in the attic for a long time. So no plug for the hallway but I have a new plan! Details to follow later in the week.

Now on to the Laundry Room. The laundry room is one of those places in our house, that reminds me of all the smaller apartments and the townhouse we lived in. In some weird way I feel the most comfortable in this tiny little room.

The laundry room has to be both a laundry room and a mudroom! All with-in a tiny 5' by 8' room and the washer and dryer take up a big chunk of that floor space.
Now on to the part we've finished, we've painted the walls contrasting stripes, the colors we used are:
White, just the regular from the can, non-tinted WHITE & COTTAGE WHITE from Behr paints (you might remember the color from our old townhouse, it was the main color we used throughout the main part of the house). We chose these colors because they were free. We had half a can of the white and half a can of the cottage white left over from the Townhouse, I'm so glad it turned out! I love the slight contrast :)
The stripes are 15" wide.

The wood blind is from Walmart! It was only $18!!! I wanted something in the laundry room that had a natural feeling too it. Also It matched the color of the dining table, and brought some of that warmth into the laundry room.

And last I'd done something I'd never done before. . . . I made curtains that don't go all the way to the floor. I wanted something to soften the laundry room, but with it being a mudroom I didn't want to sweep up around floor length curtains. So I sewed up some shorty curtains made from a rouge Ikea Lenda panel we had lying around.

And last you might remember the LAUNDRY sign from our Last Manor:
It's the perfect color and size for the new Laundry room. Incase your wondering where it came from It's from BOWRING!
Next project, is the Mudroom portion of the Laundry Room/Mudroom. I'm thinking some hooks, maybe a little bench?


  1. I love the striped walls. And, I am envious of the window. Ours is just a small "box"!!!

  2. Your so lucky to have a window in your laundry room! Mine's like a cave. Haha! Love the stripes and the curtains though. Very pretty! =]

  3. yay! can't wait to see the mudroom!! my fave for reveals!!

  4. I love what i see! You have a fabulous blog.


  5. I love the stripes and the wood blinds! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  6. Love the stripes, the drapes, and the wooden blinds! A winning combo :) And I made drapes that don't go all the way to the floor in my laundry room, and we love them!

  7. Very cosy Ashli, I'd like to do my laundry in this space. Me too, looking forward to the whole reveal.

  8. I love everything here, especially the wood blind! It is exactly what I have been looking for to put in my house! Do you remember the brand of it from Walmart? I can't seem to find it online. Thanks!

  9. Thanks Jen!
    I don't remember the name, but I poked around the walmart website, our blinds are the same as these ones:
    But ours are a slightly different color. I do remember this color at the store so they might have our exact color at the store.
    Wish I could be of more help :)
    Let me know if it works out for you, they are a great blind especially for the price :)

  10. Thanks, Ashli!
    I really appreciate your quick and detailed response. I'm hoping our Walmart here on the US East Coast has the same ones you have in BC. I'll be going to check it out soon. That price just can't be beat for such nice looking bamboo shades!
    Thanks so much!


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