Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dining Room Reveal!!

Finally somewhere to eat :)
We've finished the dining room! Our 5 year anniversary gift to ourselves is the perfect size and shape for the room (you can read more about our anniversary gift here)The artwork is up, if you missed it you can see that post here. The dining chair slipcovers are ironed (read more about the dining chairs here). The dining room light has been hung and the tableware has been purchased. It's done!
and officially ready for a dinner party for 4!

Here's the Before (errrr . . . Kind of):

I used our mercury glass vase to hold a little green and white bouquet. I used our new new to us plates, and matched them with our everyday white plates. The runners were made from a table cloth I found at Value Village for $2.99 I didn't sew the edges, but instead opted to fray them, I loved the look and I really liked the no sew aspect of them.

Every dinner party needs wine and wine glasses to drink it from, so I set some of our crystal wine glasses. I also provide a small water glass,  because if there's good wine around you don't want a lot of water :) 

And that's all she wrote. It's done, we're super happy with the way it turned out. Very neutral, very bright, not too formal, not too casual, just perfect. If goldilocks stopped by our house she'd definitely stay for dinner :)
I'm looking forward to many more table setting posts and holiday tables to share, but for now I think I'll cook dinner for some friends!
Here's another look at her all done up:

And here's the shot with just a peek of the Laundry Room/Mudroom:


  1. So pretty! I love all of the colors, the table setting, the chairs, the flowers - all of it! Well done!

  2. Love it! And you were on a budget too which makes it all the more impressive!

  3. Your room is perfect in every way! I just love it!


  4. Looks perfect!! But would expect nothing less from you.... Did you make the slipcovers for your chairs??

  5. Love it! It is simple elegance at it's finest. I adore those slipcovers. Everything looks perfect!
    I can't wait for the laundry room reveal- those stripes have sparked my curiousity!!!


  6. Love the neutrals and the mercury vase! I cant wait to see your laundry room reveal!!!

  7. Your dining room looks gorgeous! I love the big prints on the wall! It was very clever of you to use two runners on your round table. I wouldn't have thought of that and it looks wonderful!

  8. It looks so great! Love all the neutrals together.

    I also can't wait to see the laundry room. Tease! :)

  9. Ashli, I love it!! I am in the process of redoing a few things in our dining room. We are so not formal, so I am changing it up a bit. I love the'd you fray them? I've fringed burlap, but hadn't thought to fray cotton and such. I love the look! And, I LOVE your mercury glass vase...where'd you find it? I plan to get our mercury glass back out once I get everything else in the room in place.

  10. Beautiful! I love eveything about it.

  11. Just lovely! You did a great job and I still love the art work you made yourself.

  12. I am also wondering about your slipcovers for your chairs. The little button detailing is sweet! Did you sew them yourself? Is it another Value Goods purchase?

  13. Thanks everyone!!! We're super happy with the way it all came together!
    To answer some questions, I definitely didn't make the slipcovers my self, my sewing ability ends with sewing straight lines, We bought the chairs and slipcovers together from SCAN Designs here in BC!
    I contacted a seamstress to see how much it would be to replicate then, incase one or two get trashed over the course of the next few years and she said anywhere from $100 to $150 Ouch, but good to know if we only need one, it would still be cheaper then buying all new chairs.
    I frayed the cotton the same way I've frayed burlap. First I made a little cut at the top, then I ripped them apart (which started the fraying already) then I just pulled away strands until I was satisfied with the result.
    I bought the mercury glass vase from Home Outfitters :)
    Hope that Helps

  14. I love it! And I'm a sucker for those stripes I'm seeing!

  15. straight out of a home decorating magazine, you have done a beautiful job on a tight budget. Great work. Regards, Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  16. looks good! but I have a question for you I love the stripes in the background could you share the colors that you used.

  17. oooh, i LOVE the dining room makeover! So crisp and fresh looking! And I'm loving those stripes I see in the background...

  18. What a pretty spot. Those chair covers are gorgeous!! Love the fabric. :)

  19. The Stripes in the Laundry Room are were done on the super cheap so we used colors we had around.
    We used just plain white, no tint, just what comes in the can. And we used the leftover paint color from our old town house for the darker stripes
    It's COTTAGE WHITE by Behr. Behr paint is sold at Home Depot.
    Hope that Helps :)

  20. ahhhhhhh. The colors are so soothing and the chairs with their new clothes looks so comfortable. Everything from the dishes to the "artwork" just worked together so nicely...GREAT job!

  21. Your dining room is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it! The table runners are great. Awesome job!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  22. What a lovely post Ashli. I read your blog daily, and enjoy watching the projects unfold.

    Your dining room looks cozy and casual.

    Also a shout out to your husband, your lucky he's so good at DIY projects.

  23. The room looks amazing. Love that you did it with such a frugal creative eye! Bravo!

  24. You had such a great blank canvas to work with-your floors are gorg-e-ous! The room came together beautifully and you could pop any color of flowers into the mercury glass vase for a quick update. My vote is for a hot pink bouquet for a spring look.

  25. Your dining room looks great. I love it. I especially love the way you did the art work.
    This is not a hating comment but I've read a few articles about what makes a good blog and they seem to always talk about spelling/ grammar errors ruining a blog. I have noticed you frequently use the word 'then' in place of the word 'than'. Example taken from above: "...but good to know if we only need one, it would still be cheaper then buying all new chairs." It should say 'than'. This is one of those sentences where then & than could be used but they have very different meanings. You could say "Then it still would be cheaper than buying all new chairs". Then is used to mark time. Than is used to indicate comparison.
    You have a great blog, a wonderful eye for detail and a way of connecting with your readers. I know you'll want to do everything you can do to attract readers so I hope you will take the above feedback for what it is. It is not condemnation or hating. It's just loving feedback.

  26. Will you share where those prints are from?

  27. Stacey,
    The prints were made from a wall decal we bought from Target. Here's the link to the post:
    Hope that helps

  28. so pretty!!! love your bread plates too!

  29. I love your dining room. Like you said, not too formal, and not too casual. I think my favorite is your table and chairs, although everything in there is beautiful!

  30. Looks fantastic...loving the barn door! I may just need to make a trip down to Target for those plates too!


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