Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dining Room Light

Just a quickie today, I feel like I have a million and one things going on right now. I feel super overwhelmed, how you fantastic ladies with small kids do it I will never know, you are my hero :) My problem is, I have started too many projects. Although the problem isn't the starting it's the lack of finishing that's happening. I decided to re-do the FAMILY ROOM curtains, which I'm soooo not sure about, and it's causing a bit of a ripple effect. The Laundry Room is getting a bit of an up-do, and the bedroom is crying out for attention, much like the forgotten good child, who never causes a fuss then continually gets overlooked, poor bedroom.

I do have one completed project (maybe because it fell under the Lee category of projects). Our new dining room fixture. I know it seems very plain, but because I didn't want it to compete with the pendant lights we picked out for over the Peninsula, the chandelier above the staircase and the sconces in the Family Room, I really just wanted a light that would play nice with all of the rest of the lighting, and this one in definitely a team player.

See you back here tomorrow when I am determined to finish something and share!!!!


  1. Haha, I love the idea of a light being a "team player!" ;)

  2. Love the light! And, am right there with ya. We have waaay too many projects going at once. It is definitely overwhelming!!

  3. Love the light - and it is totally not plain - it makes such a statement!

  4. That's a beautiful light. I'm sure she's a lady, too, and will play nicely with the others. Good luck finishing a project! I've certainly been there, done that. (I still am, actually!)

  5. That is a great light! Love it! I'm looking for something similar for our dining room -- just one tier though. I'm having a hard time finding one on a budget though!

    1. Did you check overstock? I recently got a drum pendant there for a decent price.

  6. Blending light fittings is easier said than done so I know what you are saying Ashli. Great choice for the dining room..simple but has personality!
    Likewise I have way too much happening at present but I guess it keeps us out of trouble lol.

  7. where is this light from? we need one too!

  8. The light is from, The Vancouver Lighting Store. It was $159. If your not in the lower mainland area Rose I recently saw some on the Target Website and at homesense or Homegoods :)
    Hope that helps

  9. I love the light. sometimes simple is a good thing.

  10. Gorgeous light fixture. I've been looking for a nickel finish drum penant fora long time but I couldn't find a simple but classic one. You inspired me to look for a two tier and was able to find two beautiful ones just like yours online.

    For anyone interested, restoration hardware has this one:
    But Murray Feiss has one of the same size, color and number of light for 1/2 the price:


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