Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dining Room accessories from Value Village

Honestly we don't set the table very often. We'll do it for company . . . . sometimes :)
I do like to have dishes and place mats and table runners for those special occasions. But I don't believe in having a full set of dishes just for special occasions so we keep a couple of side plates in a couple different patterns to jazz up our plain white, everyday plates.
So I went to Value Village in hopes of finding a couple of plates to match our new dining room.

It was a good day, I found:
  • 4 side plates with green rims, for $1.99
  • 4 small plates with green ferns on them $1.99
  • 4 green place mats with a little streak of blue through them $1.99
  • a beige table cloth that I've promptly made into two table runners $2.99
So I got all of that for less then $10. I'm hoping that it will all go together nicely. I'm hoping to set the table, take some photos for the dining room reveal, then promptly throwing a dinner party to get full use out of the finished dining room :)
Full Dining Room Reveal Tomorrow :) I also think there will be a sneek peek of the Laundry Room in the background. Eeeek, that's the next project to get started.


  1. Love the new dishes! Can't wait for the full reveal! I know it will be amazing!

    Lori : )

  2. gorgeous...I can't wait to see it!!! So - do you keep your dining room table "set" just for decor purposes? Or will you just have a plain old table with nothing on it for everyday. Im always curious what people do.

  3. Wonderful finds! Your table is going to look so pretty!

  4. I love the new dishes! And, I am with ya. I purchased a set of white dishes a couple months ago and we use them all the time. I hope to add a few accent plates for special occasions. We NEVER use our wedding china!! Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. Gorgeous finds! The ferns are pretty! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  6. I'm working on it as I type this :)
    We never leave the table set, our normal day to day the table stays bare. I really like having clean table tops and couter tops :) I wouldn't trade that for all the esthetics in the world :) hehe
    Thanks for the question, I'm just like you I love seeing how other people live their lives :)

  7. I have white dishes also with sets of different colored side plates to jazz things up. The difference from your plan is that my side plates are somewhat seasonal (i.e. holiday themes etc) and I don't have one specific colour palette.

    I definitely don't leave the table set! having 4 cats who love to sunbathe on top of the table kinda precludes that...but if I'm having a dinner party it gets all prettied up beforehand and I have to talk sternly to the felines.

    The only thing that stays on the table daily is the lazy susan with the condiments that don't need to be stored in the fridge.

    I truly love what you're doing with the new house. It's coming together so well...

  8. I wonder if you could tell me where you found the over the cabinet towel holders?


  9. Score! Can hardly wait for the reveal!!!

  10. amazing value and I LOVE the natural colours. Can't wait for the big reveal. Kathy, Brisbane

  11. Love your new dishes. And what a value! The plates with the green rim would fit perfectly into my own dining room. Too bad I am thousands of miles away from Canada and a Value Village Store :(


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