Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tweet, Tweet Here's your keys!

I seriously had no idea what to name this post, so here goes "Tweet, Tweet, here's your keys" the name will make sense in a second . . . . . .or maybe not :)

As we get settled into the new house and start getting our routines down, I started looking for patterns. My philosophy with organizing has always been "See where it lands then organize it". I've found that making an organized space for example a coat closet, doesn't actually mean it will get used, especially if you don't come in anywhere near it.
So I waited to see where we would naturally want to put our stuff down. Turns out it's the mudroom/laundry room, and somehow the keys always end up on the console table. So first things first I needed some key hooks.
But since the console table is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door they would have to be really nice key hooks, ever tried to find really nice key hooks? it's not easy. But I did it!
holding for applause . . . . . . 
I found these super adorable key hooks from Urban Barn they are made by UMBRA so cute!!

The magnet is super strong it can hold up Lee's keys and he has a trillion! Plus it can hold other things too. You can use them just like little hooks to hold a jacket or a scarf, and the little birdy beak can hold mail or paper, a little honey do list so he's sure not to forget it on his way out : )

It kind of makes me feel like Cinderealla or Snow white, you know, little birdies helping you get ready in the morning :) hehe Or maybe I'm just sniffing too many paint fumes, can that happen with low VOC paint? hmmmmm . . . . . . Maybe I'm just a little nutty :) Hope you liked them as much as I do.
Tweet tweet here's your keys, geez


  1. I like it! And what a great way to set up a home, responding to how you naturally live in it.
    Enjoy your birds...:)

  2. I love those!!! We took down our old key holder when we repainted the kitchen and I haven't found anything I like yet, but those are awesome!

  3. Those are crazy cute!!!! I have never seen any such thing - great find!

    I found myself nodding my head in agreement with you immediately. I organize in the same fashion - I still have moments of trial and error but I think when something works for us it's because I really took the time to observe first. I wrote a short post about it here: http://almost-organized.blogspot.com/2011/01/tackling-organizationgetting-started.html

  4. Good find! It would suit my mudroom spot too.. AND I was looking for something that would work.. cute on top of all that! Do you think they were just an 'extra' at Urban Barn? I looked at their website online, and didn't see them. I live close to one in South Surrey..

  5. How cute...... I looked on the site too and couldn't find them. Can you provide a link? Thanx :)

  6. Judy....I googled and found them on Amazon ~ for $12.99 for 3!! woot!!

  7. Thanks Reenie!!! I hope you grab a set they're awesome!
    and Judy I didn't find them on the site either but I was at the Urban Barn in Langley 2 days ago and they had some in stock there! You could try and phone the store, they are the UMBRA three bird magnetic key holder, that's what I asked for :)
    Thank you for the great feedback and for not making fun of my post title :)

  8. AWESOME! So adorable :) What a good philosophy too...makes perfect sense. DO you have a designated place where you keep accessories (Staging stuff?) OH! My hubby wanted me to ask where you guys picked up your tree duffel bag...despite the fact our tree is packed away now...Hope all is well!! Painting are we??????
    Becky :)

  9. My heart is going pitter patter (or should I say tweet tweet). I wonder if I can find them in Australia somewhere ... they are just adorable

  10. Those are so cute! I love birds so this was a great post for me. But the beak for holding on to small notes or envelopes sold me! Like you I like to "see where it lands than organize it" and these are going to come in handy and look cute doing it! Thank you for posting this, they are indeed "nice key hooks". It's a great find!

    I followed Reenie's advice and found them on amazon for $12 and eligible for Prime but they are not in stock. I ordered them anyways and when they become available again -- they will be mine!

  11. Ha! There's a typo in my comment, hate those. I meant to say "see where it lands THEN organize it".

  12. These are soooo cute, Ashli!! Love 'em!!

  13. I love the birds! It sounds like you're really getting settled in your new home. I bet it looks beautiful. You and Lee are so organized and creative.

  14. I have MISSED your blog!!!

    And OMG those are the cutest and most praticle hooks I have ever seen!!! I want some!!! :-)

  15. Oh they are adorable...thanks for sharing..I'm in Australia and i want to order some as well. Your process makes a lot of sense (see where things land and fall)...look forward to more photos of that mud room organization. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  16. Thank you thank you!! I just found your blog about 2 months ago and I had been dying to get these key holders....mine just came in the mail this week!! They are awesome!! And I love your blog...just wish I was as organized!!

  17. Hey, I just wanted to drop a note to say that I have been silently admiring your blog, your home, your organization skills, your style for some time now and when my husband and I bought and moved into our first home a few months ago, your words "See where it lands then organize it" were resonating in my mind througout our entire unpacking process and they still are during our "settling in" and organizing process. Just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration!
    I actually came back to this post since we were looking for the perfect key hooks that would be visible in our entryway, since dropping them in a tray on the console table was getting a bit old and I knew the moment that my husband suggested hooks that these little birdies would be the hooks for us! Thanks to your post and great idea!


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