Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reader Request: How we make a room come together!

After the Almost Finished Library Reveal I got a very sweet comment from Jennifer, who asked "What are your favorite, basic must-haves that make a room feel and look so put together?" BLUSHING!!! I thought about what my answer would be.
  • I always add something neutral (or a lot neutral as the case may be).

  • Then Every Room needs some WHITE (or a lot as the case may be).

  • I always add a little black

  • I add something textural. 

  •  Add a little pattern
  • Add a little color
  •  Something unexpected 
  • Something Rustic, or Old.
  • Some Greenery is a must have, not only does it clean the air but it looks nice too. 
  • Almost all of my rooms have books in them! Even if it's just a small stack or a simple coffee table book.
  •  and I always have to add some whimsy. Something kind of silly.
  • I try to add history in each room, something that has meaning for you. An old photograph, a painting, a quilt what ever it might be.
  • For picking colors I use a the Designers trick and pick a fabric that I love and pull all of the colors out of it. Like in the Living room I based everything off of the paisley, it had the wall color, the sofa color, and a whole lot of extra colors for throw pillows and dog beds.
  • I try to create little vignettes, some small grouping for your eye to rest.

  • Of course Fresh cut flowers really class up the joint
  • and last, nothing makes a room look cozier then a doggy (or kitty) curled up on a cushion. 
So that's my philosophy on pulling things together! I hope someone finds this useful. I'm definitely not an expert but this is the way I've found that works for me.


  1. Those are some really great tips! I especially like the idea of pulling colors from a fabric to base the colors of the room on. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. love your your style...LOOVE that little doggie of yours!!

  3. Check, check, check...okay, I could go on and on. I am so with you on this!! Great tips!! And, as always...Max is ADORABLE!!! Kylee's drooling ;)

  4. I always love how clean and sharp your rooms look. Nothing is ever out of place, but the spaces also look comfortable and liveable. Great job!

  5. great tips! I love how your place looks classy and comfortable.

  6. Great tips! Your home looks beautiful and so well pulled together, comfortable and clean and fresh! Love the pillow with the big flower. Did you make that?

  7. Love these tips! I will have to try them plus you little dog is unbelievably cute!

  8. I've followed your blog for months and just love it - you have a real talent, a real gift for clean, interesting and warm interiors....and I agree - a doggie (or two, in my case!) can only improve every room immensely! Can't wait to watch you work your magic here as you did so beautifully in the Manor! Ali

  9. Love the calming colors . Where did you get the paisley pillow ?

  10. Thank you so much everyone! Max also says thank you, bark bark.
    The Paisley Pillows are made by ME! I bought the fabric from Jo-Ann fabric. It's fabric made by WAVERLY! I have a tutorial on how I sew my pillows together, I use a simple envelope style pillow cover!
    Hope that helps

  11. thanks for more "Secrets of Maillardville Manor." Appreciate the behind the scenes look and the "how to" that you post. As MAX!

  12. Great tips! I'll bookmark this!

  13. Wonderful ideas. I do love your style. Love Max too. I had a Yorkie and I miss her every day. I now have a Bichon.

  14. Great tips! I recently based a whole room around a fabric choice as well- choosing a fabric I loved for my curtains and fitting everything else into that same color scheme, even painting parts of the room! Even though my decor is very different than yours, I find most of the rooms in my home fitting into those same categories and so I think your tips are really universal! Great job synthesizing those ideas and putting them into writing!

  15. Hey Ashli

    Great tips! Your new home is lovely.
    I always admire your fresh cut flowers!

  16. Very helpful for someone like me who has no decorating talent what so ever!

  17. These tips/guidlines are perfect, Ashli!

  18. You are the proud new owner of my absolute favorite blog! lol. I loooove your home, it's absolutely beautiful (and your little doggie too!)

  19. Cute dog! Your home is lovely. Look forward to looking around your blog some more.
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.


  20. great tips!!!! i'm always trying to "finish" a room and will stand and stare for hours...not knowing what else it needs! thanks!!! :)

  21. Can I come live in your house.. it is fab!!

  22. I drop by everyday!!! I'm hooked on your style and love love love your house!!!

  23. It's very helpful to have a checklist like this. I agree with you on all the points. Now it's time to put some into practice. I have only started to hang pictures in the living room recently, as we live in a new house and it's recommended (here, with our European construction method = bricks) to wait at least one year with that. It makes the room so much more cozy!
    I like your white pillow with the flower on it and yes, a doggie or kittie is the best and easiest way to add warmth to any room. (We have a tomcat named Homer.)


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