Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Projects 2010

Rhonda from Southern Hospitality is having a linky party that I couldn't resist joining :)

So here goes, these are my top projects from this year, I chose the ones that got the most comments, questions or views!
Hands down the most popular post from this year was the Pebble Boot Tray All I did was throw some pebbles in a boot tray but there you have it, like most great things it's simple, functional and pretty.

Next would have to be the Computer room/ Craft Room: Bathroom turned computer room, how could we not LOVE it!

Then there was the Kitchen Organization Post: Specifically the one under the Kitchen sink!

The Baskets in the Bathroom always get lots of attention. They are from The Real Canadian Superstore here in Canada.

But hands down the question I get the most "Is your ring a real DIAMOND?" hehe
The Answer: No, it's not. It's a 6.25 carat Green Amythest. There are little diamonds on the sides and the band is a custom made band with 14 little diamonds because we got married on the 14th. So there you have it I've let my secret out! hehe

And last: My personal Top Projects of 2010 would be Flowers on Friday! Not only because of the meaning behind it for us but I just plain love fresh flowers, although in 2011 we'll be making more local choices for flowers. I recently read an article on "Flower Miles" and all of the fuel it takes to ship flowers from overseas, so we'll be on the look out for more down home flower arrangements :)

and of coarse anything with Max :)

 Any favorites I'm missing? anything You particularly liked that I didn't mention?


  1. I linked up to this too! So fun!
    You've had a beautifully organized year! I'm completely inspired by all the amazing solutions you found to everyday necessities.

  2. We are somewhat alike (but I don't have a blog and I steal ideas, not invent them) Diamonds are a disgrace to me. I have a few chips but my bigger stuff is fake. As long as you put it in gold or silver I am fine with that. Real ones come out of the ground and have a high price put on them sometime at the cost of a life. I used to have 3 yorkies and I have "stolen ideas from you." Thank you very much.

  3. Ashli, I could go on and on...I love all of your posts!! Of course, Kylee likes anything that has to do with Max ;) Anxiously awaiting all the things to come at the new manor!!

  4. Those baskets are so cute - thanks for the tip on where to find them. Your pooch is a cutie pie too! Happy New Year!

  5. Hi, hi! Love them all!!!! I tried going to your Amazon store and it just said page not found. :o(

  6. Love your boot idea, but I can't do it until my boys stop eating rocks...

    Maybe one of those rock shower mats I saw at Marshalls...


  7. Thanks Lissie!
    I only had the baskets left in my amazon store and it turns out Amazon doesn't sell them anymore!!!
    I'll be on the look out for some just like it!!
    Sorry for the inconveinience!!!

  8. Because I'm new to your blog, Ashlie, I'm not 100% familiar with your projects, although I did scroll through your tours my first time here ;-) Thanks for the review; you have great projects and terrific creativity!!

  9. Thanks for sharing, I just joined up too! Its a real sense of achievement when you can look back on the whole year to what you've achieved, and then a whole new year ahead to plan for! Best wishes for 2011 :)

  10. Happy New Year, Ashli! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome organizing ideas and beautiful projects! :)



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