Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paint Color!

I've had a lot of questions about the color of the walls in the house!
I'm glad you like it, the builders certainly did, every room (except the master bathroom) is the same color. Really every room, every hall, even the basement!
When we chose to buy a house from this builder we had a choice of 4 houses, we chose this one for a bunch of different reasons, but a main one was the paint color. Because of the ceiling height re-painting would be a huge deal!
Here's Arty Modeling against the color:  Picture Taken in Artificial Light

And the White Clock against the color: Picture Taken with Natural Light

We are really happy with the wall color! We went to home depot to get some touch up paint and the exact color match is:

Martha Stewart's    MOURNING DOVE

It's a Grey, green, beige color, Sorry That's not the best description :) We Love it! Although we'll have to change a couple of the bedroom colors and maybe a bathroom, I love the color but maybe not in every single room :)


  1. LOVE that clock! Where did you get it?

  2. The color is great. Goes with everything, I think. I am with you though, I wouldn't want it in every room. =] Can't wait to see what you choose down the road.

  3. Thanks,
    The Clock is from Urban Barn

  4. I may have to get this color for my living room. Awesome!

  5. Great neutral! We have a set of 3, tried and true, Duron colors we use all throughout our home.

  6. Thanks for the information about the color. We just tried painting our family room grey but it looked purple. So...we repainted back to white. LOL. Need to check out the Martha Stewart colors.

  7. Just remember that compared to buying a new house, paint is CHEAP! The transformative power of a new paint color is pretty darn neat. I just hope your husband isn't 'allergic' to painting... ;)

  8. Ashli,

    Martha Stewart's Mourning Dove looks fabulous in your living room! It's the perfect fresh neutral for this space, well done! I'd love to pin this to The Home Depot's All About Paint pinboard if you don't mind!

    Senior Editor, The Home Depot



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