Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Coffee table + Slip and Slid

We moved all of the furniture to lay down our area rug pad, which gave us a clear shot of the coffee table, and the new dog toy storage I found at Target :)
The coffee table is a Homesense find. I LOVE the rustic nature of it. I LOVE it's size, Lee loves the Metal I Love the wood, If Lee and I could make a biological coffee table baby it would be this one.

As I mentioned before the Bins under the Coffee table are from Target, they are canvas and super handy. We now have 3 under there 2 for Max's toys and 1 that's empty, I'm planning on using for quick clean up.
In case of emergency (yes I kind of consider un announced guest an emergency) I can quickly throw any magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc into the bin and have a clean and clear coffee table.

Also, last week we took care of the slip and slide we called our living room rug.We bought a Rug pad and gripper for our Living Room Rug and now we are safe and sound!

A couple of mildly twisted ankles,  a number of close calls and a near concussion made us finally decide to secure our area rug. Plus, we found a smok'in deal, $15 for a 9x11 rug pad!

So there's what we've been up too. We've accomplished a lot so far, and have big plans to end off the week :) Lee has this week off of work so we'll be taking full advantage, and will be finishing up some lose ends around the Manor. Pictures to come soon :)


  1. I looove your new coffee table. Very urban chic. Great choice!! Bins are a must when you have pets (or kids). Love the quick clean up option. ;)

  2. I LOVE the coffee table! It's perfect!

    We too had a slip and slide rug for awhile. It took a friend's near concussion for us to fix ... doh.

  3. I am drawn to that gorgeous pillow in the last shot, lovely table. I wish I had your decorating skills.

  4. I like the rug and your coffee table is so cute. Love those storage bins. Target is the best!

  5. Soooooooo, in love with your coffee table!!! The line about your husband and you making a baby/coffee table made me LOL! That is such a clever idea to leave one bin empty to stash stuff in quickly. I am going to steal that idea. :)

  6. Ive always wondered if those things worked. I really like the coffee table.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. What a clever idea to keep one bin clear for quick clean up. Love the bins, are the Itso?

    The coffee table is absolutely to die for. Wondering if you're loving your choice of chair now that you have them home?

    Can't wait for more pictures - your space is truly gorgeous.

  8. Where did you get your rug? I have been looking for one just like that!

  9. Love the coffee table! Kylee likes the Itso bins, and is jealous Max has two!! (she has one basket...would have more if she'd quite EATING her toys). Love your hardwood floors. Just a word of careful of the light in sunlight coming in the room...before we had our windows tinted, the Georgia sun faded our floors...they are darker under the rug in the dining room!

  10. Laura,
    I'm so glad you like the Rug. It's from the Home Depot, it's a carpet remnant that was bound. 9x11 for $149. Home depot always has great carpets for great prices.
    Also, very good to know about the wood bleaching. I'm not too worried about our Living room floors it's a North facing window, but that's good to know for the Library which is a south facing window :)

  11. LOVE it all! You should do a post saying where you purchased everything in that livingn room!? The rug is huge which I love, where is that from?

  12. Hi Allie,
    I will definitely work on some Buyers Guides for the rooms in our house!!
    But a quick run down is:
    RUG- Home Depot (it's a bound remenant
    Couch- Stylus
    Coffee table- HomeSense
    Chairs- Stylus
    Large White Side Tables- Ikea (meltorp console tables with the legs cut off)
    Small white table between the chair- HomeSense

    Hope that helps!
    Thanks for the idea . . . I'll definitely get work'in on some resource lists!!!
    Lots of Love


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