Monday, November 1, 2010

We're on Remodelaholic today!!!!

Moving is going great! We're in, we're super happy . . . . . we're exhausted! But, it's totally worth it! We have some amazing friends who helped us move, some took off time from work (and rode our mattress down the stairs), some baked us cookies, some brought us dinner (mmmmm . . . . lasagna). Everyone walked up and down the one million stairs in our townhouse, carrying boxes. One did it with a baby strapped to her.

Do you ever feel like the wind is behind you and just pushing you along, everything is coming up roses and that just maybe the stars have aligned for a brief moment to make everything amazing. That's how we've felt, for the last 2 months, we've been in this whirlwind of good fortune. We sold our house with perfect timing (three went on the market the day after the subjects were removed and they are still sitting on the market), we bought our house with perfect timing (our builder had 4 to sell just sitting on the market, and so was much more willing to entertain our offer, and the day after they accepted the offer, 2 more of their 4 had offers and sold), the forecast said RAIN for our move day, and we had SUN (lots of sun). Friends all came over and helped us move (which included a fridge and three flights of stairs) and said fridge fits in it's opening with less then a 1/4 inch to spare. I could go on and on, but all I know is tomorrow morning I'm buying a lottery ticket!!!

In the meantime, we are on REMODELAHOLIC today!!!! Well I should say our townhouse Craft Room is! It will be nice to see it as a craft room again, it's been a powder room for a couple of months now!
So if you'd like a blast from the past, check out Remodelaholic Today!
Thanks so much to Cassity who must have seen the empty blog lately and decided to share some Maillardville Manor with her readers and mine!
So pop over to Remodelaholic and I'll meet you back here next MONDAY!!!


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  2. I just finished a move that started saturday and I just got done with the unpacking. Cant wait till you are done with decor cant wait to see it.

  3. Great news about your successful move.

  4. Love it when it all comes together! Looking forward to see your vision for the house come true.

  5. I found you on "Blogging Your Way". I've loved meeting so many creative women from all over the world. You have a lovely site. Moved my mother-in-law recently. Down sizing is so much harder than moving up. I think I'll let my kids take care of moving my stuff when I'm gone!

  6. I am so pleased your move has gone so smoothly! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new place with you in it.

  7. oh how I miss your posts!! I am on pinz n needles!
    thinking of you guys,
    Becky :)

  8. So excited for you two! What a fun and amazing time. =]

  9. Hi Ashli, I really do miss your posts! I take a look almost every day to see if you have updated, can't wait to see how you're going to decorate and organize your new home.
    Good luck from Holland!

  10. Okay, so I am realizing that I keep forgetting the little scrambled word thing at the end, so you aren't getting my comments! Glad most things went well with the move. Too funny about Max (poor guy). If your new sofa is microfiber suede like ours...EVERYTHING comes out of it!! I love the clock and the throw and the pillow and the...well, you get the picture! On a side note, Katie was offered the job as the Asst. Coach for the new 12s team at the club!! She is super excited.

  11. my gosh! I stumbled across your blog and LOVE it... love the style and your home.. we have done the opposite recently and we have downsized.. from 3000 sq ft to just over 1500sq ft and I feel overwhelmed with the clutter/amount of "stuff"... I hope this will help with some inspiration! do you do design for people? or assist with colour ideas/room ideas? i'd love to know!

    1. We do,
      Feel free to shoot me an email:
      Talk to you soon,



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