Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Master Bedroom Plans

This probably won't surprise you but I'm in love with our new Master Bedroom~ although I've been in love with almost every aspect of our house.
The Master Bedroom is Big, I don't know exactly how big but it's way bigger then any bedroom we've ever had before. We need a king sized bed, it's not a luxury, it's a necessity! Lee's a giant, I'm a sprawler and Max takes up an obscene amount of space for a 5 lb dog! And finally we have a room that will hold a king size bed. All of our other bedrooms including the one we are in right now just barely contain our bed, it's really a bounce in bounce out situation. But our new bedroom has more then enough room.
We are planning to put the bed on this wall,

We are planning on moving the sconces down so that we can have some lights like these on either side of the bed.
Photo via Pottery Barn
I love the vaulted ceiling and can't wait to find the perfect fixture to hang up there, I'm thinking something simple like a drum shade, but with a very cool fabric around it!

Oh and there's a walk in closet, My shoes are very excited!!!

Check back tomorrow, and see what else we are planning, there was just too much to fit in one post! I'm hoping to have a mood board done, and some inspirational rooms.
8 days to go!!! eeeeeek! EXCITED!!!!


  1. Love the bedroom. I really like the darker color on the accent wall. The new sconces will be perfect for reading in bed, and I agree lower is much more practical! Sometimes you wonder what builders are thinking. Love the built-ins in the closet too. Can't believe it is only 8 days!

  2. Love the ceilings! And the closet is amazing. So exciting!!

  3. The master bedroom here is a mess now but I'm starting to make plans. Love your plan so far...but what were the builders thinking when they put sconces that high??? Obviously, they never read in bed!

    I also love the sconces you'd rather have...and the walk-in closet will love your shoes right back.

  4. Bedrooms are my favorite places to decorate and I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    Many Blessings,

    PS - Your closet makes me almost swoon!

  5. I love it all. Isn't it exciting? How fun for you guys, enjoy.

  6. I love lamps to read by on either side of the bed. I can hardly wait to see all your decorating ideas come to life in your new house. I know it will be fabulous!

  7. Perfect room. Yes the lights will be much better placed lower. Love the replacement style you have chosen.
    I hear you re little dogs taking up all the bed. How on earth do they manage to do this!!

  8. Great master bedroom and walk in closet! Oh my goodsess - 8 days to go! How exciting!

  9. How exciting to decorate. With your taste, I am sure it will be warm and lovely!

  10. This is very good design.
    Thanks for sharing.


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